Smart is the new Black

Smart products are not unfamiliar to most of us. Many of us own at least a smartphone, and smart products are becoming a necessity in many of our lives. The smart features packed in their compact sizes range from the practical to the mind-blowing. But sometimes, we find it hard to match various smart products to our home’s themes and interior design.

American novelist Nora Ephron once said, “Black makes your life so much simpler. Everything matches black.” So here are 5 smart companions, in the wonderful shade of onyx, that provide a clean look to your home.

Amazon Echo

Photo credits: Stick PNG

Amazon Echo is on its way to become your most trusty pal at home! This smart device is a wireless speaker and contains far-field voice recognition with numerous capabilities which helps you multitask, gives you updates whenever you need them and even order you a pizza! All these can be done without even lifting a finger but by merely calling out “Alexa” followed by your request. While you’re busy hanging up the clothes, you could get Alexa to check the traffic conditions, book a Grab and turn off the lights in your room. By the time you’re done, your Grab has arrived, the lights have been switched off and you know you’ll reach your destination in time. Everything goes smoothly, with the help of Alexa, and of course, your voice.


Photo credits: ecobee

Ecobee4 is a smart thermostat that comes with portable room sensors to be placed at different areas of your home to manage hot and cold spots. This smart thermostat is capable of recognizing when your home heats up and cools down as it studies the local weather forecast using Wifi. Ecobee4 then uses this information to decide when to heat or cool your home to your desired indoor temperature just before you arrive home. This saves on energy by preventing heating or cooling your home too early, or too late. The robust staging option allows Ecobee4 to be on energy-saving mode whenever the outdoor and desired indoor temperature are similar, bringing about great savings to your monthly bills! And here’s a bonus for Amazon Alexa fans out there – Ecobee4 comes with a built-in Amazon Alexa voice service so it has the wide array of “skills” that Amazon Alexa has!

igloohome Smart Deadbolt 02

Photo credits: igloohome

We've been caught in situations where we forgot to bring my keys out and on good days, someone comes home within the next hour while on bad days, our phone dies on us, we're left with no money and no one returns home for the next 3 hours. Solve this problem instantly with the Smart Deadbolt 02! On good days that your smartphone battery lasts, unlocking your door is just a click away via the Bluetooth key. On bad days with a continuous string of unfortunate events, key in a PIN code to let yourself in. If your mother-in-law is at the door and you’re out, create and grant her a PIN code or Bluetooth key via the igloohome mobile app within minutes. With the Smart Deadbolt 02, locking visitors and yourself out will become an experience of the past.

Neato Botvac Connected

Photo credits: neato

Get yourself a vacuum with a brain, which will clean on your command and covers every corner with its sleek “D” shaped design. Kudos to the laser smart mapping and navigation in this Botvac - Neato knows where it has been, where it is and where it’s going. Select the eco mode for a quieter clean and a longer run time or the turbo mode for a more thorough and deeper clean. Neato is smart enough to clean hard floors, carpets and base boards while keeping away from areas marked with boundary markers, and staircases. When it's time for a recharge, it knows how to return to where it first left off. Accompanied with a mobile app, let neato do the job and your clean home is just a tap away.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Photo credits: Samsung

You’ve just arrived home from a trip to the neighborhood supermart, you open the fridge and you realize shucks, you forgot to write down that you’ve run out of eggs! And you’ll have to wait for the next weekly trip to the supermart to get them. Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, maybe you should consider getting this smart refrigerator which comes with a 21.5 inch touchscreen and 3 interior cameras. Every time you close the door, the cameras snap a shot of the content inside your fridge. These images are made available in the mobile app so the next time you go grocery shopping, you’ll get the latest update what you’ve got and what you’re running out on. The touchscreen allows you to screen whatever you’re watching on your home’s Samsung TV, open recipes for your reference or even surf the web! Start your day with a hearty breakfast and leave a note on the screen, to bring joy to everyone at home.

Match these 5 chic and intelligent devices to your cozy home and manage your home even when you’re away. Your home has never been smarter, and your life has never been better.

This is a guest post by Jodeen Lau from igloohome, a Singapore-based company which has created smart digital door locks that can be managed via mobile app.


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