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October 15, 2013 | Find Pros | Interior Designers
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Space Sense Studio is a boutique interior design firm helmed by Kelvin Teo, an award-winning furniture and interior designer. Established in 2003, Space Sense provides a holistic design solution for each specified interior, by embracing the diverse conceptual, aesthetic, functional and technical aspects to achieve the desired “perfect” result.

As perfection depends on perspective, Space Sense knows that it needs to understand your environment, your space, your ideas, your needs, your preferences, your life; develop on ideas, options, strengths and solutions; and conceptualise all of it in a coherent, workable sense to become your perfect space.

Services Provided
Interior Design & Consultancy


Phone 6858 5258

Projects Featured:

Artistic Influence - Origami

Industrial Loft (Street inspired)

Love Me Not Apartment