Storage Tricks for Bedrooms With No Closets

Image source: Inside Out

If your bedrooms don't have closets, no need to worry because your clothes don’t necessarily have to be stored in a wardrobe. There are other creative ways to improvise a closet to save on space and money. These tips and tricks can make your bedroom look even more stylish and modern than if it had built-in wardrobes!

1. Clothes Racks

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These are readily available in home department stores and will easily solve the problem of where to hang your clothes. The best thing about clothes racks are that they're not permanent fixtures, making them easy to transfer and move around your room.

2. Hanging Clothes Bars

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If you want a more permanent fixture that saves on floor space, you can install a hanging clothes bar in your room, leaving space underneath for your shoes and bags.

3. Room Dividers

Image source: The Budget Decorator and Maison Apart

Placing a room divider or curtains to separate your clothes area from the rest of the room and make an improvised walk-in closet. Behind the curtain can be racks or shelves for your clothes and accessories.

4. Ladders

Image source: Blog Lovin and House Beautiful

Surprisingly, a ladder comes in handy not only when you need to reach for items, but also as a storage space. You can place shoes, accessories, and clothes on ladders and use it as a rack.

5. Utilize an Old Trunk or Suitcase

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Got spare luggage trunks or suitcases that you no longer use? Why not use them as storage space for last season’s wardrobe? This way, you lessen the clutter in your racks and can also place objects on top of the trunk.

6. Space Under Your bed

Image source: Home Polish

You can get a storage bed to place your shoes and bags underneath your bed if there is no more space in your racks. This is a good strategy to lessen the clutter going on in your bedroom.

7. Storage Containers

Image source: My Knee and Hip Doc

Additional storage boxes and baskets are great closet alternatives if racks  alone are not enough. To save on space and money, purchase multipurpose containers that can double as an ottoman or table.


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