4 Stress-Reducing Activities To Try Out At Home

Let's face it, Singaporeans are one of the most stressed out people in the world. In fact, a Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey conducted in 2019 found that a staggering 92% (8% higher than the global average) of working Singaporeans reported being stressed. Such figures have only gotten higher over the years particularly during the existing Covid-19 pandemic and it's certainly something that's extremely worrying, given the toll that stress can have on both our physical and mental well-being.

Thankfully, there are lots of activities that we can try out to help to reduce our stress and here are 5 that you can try out in the comforts of your home! 

1. Sweat it out with a quick workout 

Lady doing sit-ups on yoga mat

If you've ever googled for solutions to reduce your stress, you'd probably have seen "working out" being recommended on various sites. It's not that surprising though, given the fact that working out has been proven to be extremely effective at reducing stress. To be more specific, exercising helps to activate the production of the feel-good neurotransmitters in our brain (a.k.a. endorphins), which helps to boost your mood as well as foster relaxation.

Additionally, regular exercise can also increase self-confidence, improve your mood, help you relax, as well as reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It's also a great solution for improving your sleep, which is often negatively affected by stress, depression and anxiety. When all of these benefits are combined, you'll certainly be able to enjoy lower levels of stress, whilst gaining a new sense of command over both your body and your life. 

Thinking of getting started on a regular exercise routine? All you need is a yoga mat or a large towel, as well as some workout videos that you can easily find on sites like YouTube. Just a note of caution though, if you're living in an apartment or flat, you might want to opt out of any exercises that require jumping, to avoid receiving any complaints from your neighbours living right below you. 

2. Stretch out with some yoga

Man and woman doing yoga stretches

A common side-effect of stress is a stiff and tense body, as your muscles naturally tighten up in response to the physical and emotional stress that you're experiencing. Taking some time to stretch out your muscles can thus help to relief the tension in your body, leaving you feeling much more relaxed at the end of the session. In fact, you don't need to do an hour long session to reap the benefits of stretching! Just 10 minutes of a simple breathing and stretching session can do wonders at reducing your stress and helping you to relax. 

3. Bake your favourite treats

Pain au chocolat served on wooden platter

Baking is one of those activities that can reduce your stress, or at least take your mind off your stressors for the time being. With the amount of detail and precision that's required of this activity, you'll probably having to put your full concentration on the task at hand, leaving little capacity to think of other things (especially the things that are contributing to your stress). Most importantly, you'll be able to enjoy your delicious treats at the end of the session. Let's be honest, who wouldn't perk up after having a little sweet (or savoury) treat at the end of a long day or week?

4. Set up a relaxing spa night 

Bathroom with white oval tub

If the 4 activities mentioned earlier don't quite appeal to you, hopefully this will! Spa nights are great for giving yourself a good pamper session, so that you can finish off the night and head to bed feeling relaxed and ready to conquer the next day (or week). For an enhanced relaxing experience, opt for items that are lavender-scented, a scent that's extremely well-known for its calming and anxiety-reducing properties. 

For a detailed guide on how to create the ultimate home spa experience for your next home spa session, head to this article: 5 Essentials For The Ultimate Home Spa Experience


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