5 Tableware Essentials Every Good Host Needs In Their Arsenal

Hosting a party may be a stressful event for some, especially when you're new to this whole hosting game. We've certainly been there too and have thankfully managed to pick up a couple of know-hows along the way. To help you get started on your new hosting journey, here are 5 tableware essentials you'll need to have in your arsenal, so that you can get one step closer to achieving the status of a "good host"! 

1. Dinnerware 

Dinnerware in 3 different colours

Rhea Dinnerware — $45.90 (Set of 6 cups) to $89.90 (Set of 6 dinner plates) | Shop here

Sure, you could definitely get away with using disposable dinnerware like paper or plastic plates and bowls However, apart from generating quite a fair amount of waste, the feel of using disposables can never quite compare to using proper dinnerware. If you're having a tough time choosing and coordinating a set of coloured or patterned bowls and plates, you can always go back to the basics and opt for a simple, white set that goes well with anything! 

Can't decide how many sets to get? For a start, try to get at least 8 sets of dinnerware and cutlery, which can be used for your daily meals as well! 

2. Cutlery

Similar to the point raised above, nothing can quite compare to the look and feel of using proper cutlery. So pair your nice set of dinnerware with a good quality set of cutlery, which can be used for your day-to-day needs and your occasional hosting events at home. Your guests will certainly appreciate it, and so will the environment!


Portugese 4pc Stainless Steel Cutlery Set (Matt Gold)  $17 | Shop here

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3. Drinkware

Table Matters blue drinking glass Copper drinking mug

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Alongside a set of proper dinnerware, you're also going to want to have some drinkware — mugs, glasses and cups — for all of your guests' drinking needs. Don't have sufficient kitchen storage space to store a wide variety of drinkware? Consider opting for multipurpose pieces that can be used for a wide variety of beverages — from cold drinks to hot drinks to wine. 

4. Drink Coasters 

Alongside your beautiful drinkware, you might also want to get some drink coasters! Whether you're going to be serving your guests cold and warm drinks, you'd certainly not want to damage your dining table by accidentally burning it or by leaving behind some water stains. They're also a nice way to add a pop of colour and personality to your dining table, to make the atmosphere feel less formal and more casual and cozy. 


Nicolas Vahe Seagrass Coaster (Set of 4)  $14.90 | Shop here

Peranakan Ceramic Cup Coaster (Kairi)  $6.90 | Shop here

5. Placemats 

Similarly, you'd probably also want to add some placemats to your arsenal. Just like your drink coasters, placemats are great for protecting your dining table from any potential stains, water marks or burns. They're also a great tool to hide any imperfections on your dining table, concealing them strategically so that your guests won't notice them. 


Form Placemat (Cream)  $8.50 | Shop here

Now that you've reached this point of the article, you should be perfectly equipped to host your next party at home and be well on your way to achieving the status of a "good host". For any further questions or enquiries regarding our products, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at wecare@hipvan.com or our live chat and we’ll be more than happy to help! 


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