5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Mattress So It Can Take Better Care Of You

After investing a significant money on your mattress, you'd definitely want to be able to enjoy a good night's rest so that you can wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the new day's challenge. To help your mattress take better care of you, it's important to take equally good care of it! After all, we spend almost a-third of our lives on our beds  8 out of 24 hours a day.

Here are 5 tips for taking care of your mattress so that it can take even better care of you:

1. No more monkeys jumping on the bed

Lady jumping on the bed

Growing up, you probably heard the song "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed". It's a classic that virtually every parent sang for their children at some point, to teach them to stop jumping on the bed. Apart from being a dangerous activity that could lead to accidents, jumping on the bed is also the perfect recipe for shortening your mattress' lifespan by creating damage to its coils and fibres. 

Ultimately, if you want your mattress to take good care of you, take your monkey business elsewhere. There are plenty of places to jump around, your mattress is unfortunately not one of them. 

2. Keep it protected 

Mattress protectors are one of the simplest and most effective ways to maximise the lifespan of your mattress. If you're not currently using a mattress protector, here's why you need to get one ASAP: 

  • Offers waterproof protection to protect against spills and accidents
  • Acts as a physical barrier against moisture and sweat, keeping your mattress clean and sanitary 
  • Helps to prevent stains, exposure to dust mites, microbes and other potential allergens 
  • Makes cleanups after accidents a breeze

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By keeping your mattress in top condition, a mattress protector can also help you to save some money in the long-run since you won't have to replace your mattress prematurely. 

3. Wash your linens regularly 

When sleeping, we shed not only sweat, but also hair, skin cells and oils. This list of bacteria on your bed only expands when you add pets and eating on your bed into the mix.

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To maximise the longevity of your mattress, give your bed linens a thorough wash weekly or every fortnight. Not only does this reduce the amount of dirt and bacteria that makes their way to your mattress, this also promises a better sleep experience. After all, who would prefer going to sleep with an unpleasant-smelling blanket over one that smells like clean, fresh laundry? 

4. Give your mattress some Vitamin D 

While your bed linens are in the wash and your mattress is stripped naked, it would be a good time to give it some Vitamin D. Apart from getting rid of all remnants of moisture that can contribute to aches and pains, leaving your mattress under the sun for a couple of hours is also cost-a free method to disinfect your mattress and get rid of any odours!

For those dealing with bedbugs, drying your mattress in the sun can also offer a natural way to get rid of them. 

5. Rotate your mattress regularly 

All mattresses can benefit from being rotated regularly, regardless of their material or size. Rotating helps to promote more even wear, while not rotating increases the likelihood of depressions and softening. Just think about it, if you're going to be sitting or lying on the same spot everyday for the next 5 to 10 years, it's only inevitable that one particular side and area of your mattress will be significantly more depressed than the rest. 

You don't have to rotate your mattress every day or week. Rotating it 180 degrees from head to foot every 2 to 6 months will do the trick! 

We hope we've provided some useful tips for helping you to take better care of your mattress, so that it can take better care of you for a long time. If you're currently on the hunt for a new mattress but are unsure how to select the perfect mattress for you and your needs, feel free to head over to our other article: Guide to Buying a Mattress in Singapore


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