5 Tips To Help You Shortlist Your New Dining Table

Used for a wide range of activities from eating to entertaining to working, your dining table is probably one of the most utilised pieces of furniture in your home. Shortlisting the perfect new dining table can be a challenge, given the wide variety of dining tables to choose from. To make this process easier for you, here are 5 tips to help you shortlist your new dining table!

1. First things first, always measure your space!

The first step to shortlisting your new dining table is to determine how much space you're going to be working with. Measure the size of the area where your dining table will be placed to get a rough idea of the dimensions that will work for your new table. (For more tips on how to ensure your furniture fits, head over to this article!)

Always choose a table that is proportional to the size of your space. If your dining area is on the smaller side, opt for a smaller-sized table. You wouldn't want to purchase a table that's too large for your dining room, and one that makes your dining room look cramped instead of cozy, would you?

Small, 4-seater dining table in small dining room

Leland Dining Table 1.4m  $449 | Shop here

This "rule" still applies to a larger dining room. You wouldn't want to choose a small, 4-seater table that leaves lots of space in your dining room, making it feel rather empty. 

Long, rectangular light-coloured wooden table in a large, rectangular dining room

Gianna Dining Table  $1299 | Shop here

Do note, however, that you should have an ideal distance of at least 90cm between the edge of your dining table and the wall, or any other piece of furniture. This distance will provide sufficient space for you to move your chair and to comfortably walk around the table. The last thing you would want is to have to constantly squeeze yourself between your wall and table, in order to get seated at the table. 

2. Choose the right seating capacity for your needs

To choose the right-sized table for your home, it's important to consider both the measurements of your dining areas as well as the number of people that you usually have over during meal times. If you have a small family and tend to prefer cosier dining settings, consider opting for a smaller, 4-seater dining table.

Small, round dining table in dining room meant for smaller families or for a cosier seating atmosphere

Marmor Marble Round Dining Table (Matt Black, White)  $799 | Shop here 

Have a larger family? Or perhaps you just love entertaining? In these cases, a 6-seater or an extendable dining table will be perfect for you. 

Large, extendable, dining table with large seating capacity, perfect for large families and hosting

Tilda Extendable Dining Table  $1099 | Shop here

3. Scandinavian? Minimalist? Choose a table that fits the interior theme of your home   

When purchasing new furniture, it's always important to keep the big picture in mind; consider which would best suit your overall style and layout. For instance, if your home is designed based on a Scandinavian theme, a natural oak wooden dining table might be the best option, given its love for incorporating natural materials to showcase an appreciation for nature. 

Natural oak wooden dining table that's perfect for the Scandinavian interior theme

Roden Dining Table 1.8m Natural  $399 | Shop here

Prefer something with a more simple, minimalistic look? Try a white dining table.  

Oval-shaped dining table

Rikku Extendable Oval Dining Table 1.7m (White, Oak, Chrome)  $699 | Shop here

For a more modern and contemporary look, try a marble dining table.  

Marble dining table that's perfect for a modern and contemporary look

Hagen Marble Dining Table  $1199 | Shop here

A fan of the industrial look? Look for tables made of concrete. 

Concrete table which is perfect for the industrial look Concrete dining table

Titus Concrete Dining Table 1.8m  $899 | Shop here 

4. Material 

A factor that you can never leave out when selecting a new dining table is its material. Apart from giving off a different look, the choice of material selected can also affect how durable your dining table will be. For those with children, opt for more durable materials like wood, which are extremely durable and easy to repair. Wooden furniture also has this certain charm that can make your living space look more complete and put-together. (For tips on how to clean and maintain wood furniture, head to this article: Here's How You Should Really Be Taking Care Of Your Wooden Furniture

Another popular material for dining tables is marble, which is perfect for a modern home. Marble just has this certain elegance and sophistication that can instantly make a room feel more luxurious and expensive. A durable and natural material, this might not be the best option for those with children, due to its need for high maintenance resulting from its ability to absorb stains easily. 

Opting for a dining table that has metal legs is also a great choice for nailing the industrial style. Pieces like these are also great accents, to spruce up a room. 

Wooden dining table which has metal dining legs, great accent piece to spruce up a room

Mizell Dining Table 1.2m in Walnut with 4 Mizell Chairs in Black  $399 | Shop here

5. Shape 

A basic rule of thumb is to choose a dining table that follows the shape of your dining area. If your dining room is squarish, opt for a square or round table. Likewise, if your dining room is rectangular, choose either a rectangular or oval-shaped table. 

Square table

Square outdoor dining tablePalm Outdoor Dining Couple Set (White cushions)  $649.90 | Shop here 

A classic dining table shape, square tables are great for smaller and square-shaped dining rooms. Compact and cosy, these tables are also the ideal choice for conversation, since everyone gets to face each other. 

Round table

Round dining table

Tilda Round Dining Table  $899 | Shop here

Having a small dining area doesn't mean that you can't entertain. Apart from doing a good job at balancing a square room, round tables are perfect for accommodating more people since you can simply squeeze in an extra dining chair. 

Oval tables

Oval-shaped dining tableWerner Extendable Oval Dining Table 1.5m (Walnut)  $399 | Shop here

Oval tables are great for smaller, rectangular dining rooms as they help to keep the space from looking overly crowded. These tables' rounded edges and lack of sharp corners also mean that you can move around the room freely, without worrying about potentially hurting yourself if you accidentally bump into the table.

Similar to round tables, oval tables are also great if you enjoy hosting, as its lack of corners that don't limit the number of people you can fit means that you can always squeeze in more people. 

Larger oval tables can also be great additions to large dining rooms, to create a softer and more organic look 

Rectangular tables

Rectangular dining table, classic shape Hampton Extendable Dining Table 2m  $1499 | Shop here

Perhaps the most classic dining table shape, rectangular tables are ideal for busy dining areas as you are able pair them together with dining benches which can be tucked under the table. These tables also offer lots of space since you can utilise all 4 sides.

Rectangular tables work particularly well at filling space in dining rooms, making them a great option for large dining rooms.

We hope we've provided some useful tips that will help you to shortlist your new dining table. For any questions regarding our dining tables, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at wecare@hipvan.com or our live chat, and we’ll be more than happy to help! Happy shopping!


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