VIDEO: How to Put on a Duvet Cover Popiah Style!

Putting on duvet covers is usually such a chore, especially for larger-sized ones. To inject some fun, here is a unique and easy way to stuff your comforter into your duvet cover. Read on for detailed instructions on how to put on your duvet cover, Singaporean style! 

Step 1: Turn your duvet cover inside out.
Step 2: Lay your duvet cover flat out on your bed. 
Step 3: Lay your comforter flat out over your duvet cover.
Step 4: Roll both layers (duvet cover and comforter) up, popiah style! Remember to begin rolling from the edge where the opening to the duvet cover is.
Step 5: ‘Stuff’ your roll into your duvet cover (check out the video if this step is unclear).
Step 6: Close up your duvet cover.
Step 7: Unroll your popiah! 
Step 8: Give your duvet a little shake to even out the creases and you’re done! ☺

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