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    LEVITATE Mattress
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    DREAM Mattress
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    SLEEP Mattress
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Buy Beds & Mattresses online in Singapore

Shop mattresses, bed frames, storage beds & more!

Coming home to a room that is uniquely yours gives you the rest and relaxation you deserve. Your bedroom is a personal sanctuary, so choose a good quality bed and mattress that suits your body's needs. We cater to all sizes (single, twin, queen and king beds) and needs (sofa beds and beds with storage). Complete your bed with a mattress from HipVan's collection: offering pocket spring and memory foam mattresses. 100% free returns and free shipping in Singapore delivered directly to your home.

Things to consider when buying a bed:

Space might be of concern when choosing a bed. Decide between a twin or a queen size such that there is still 1 arm length from the bed to the nearest ledge, window or wall. Trundle beds, where the second bed can be pulled out from below the top bed, are very space-savvy and are ideal for a guest room. Storage beds are an excellent solution to a limited space problem too!
Material of your bed is something that should not only match the rest of the décor but also suit your comfort level. Leather bed frames are softer and cushiony and provide extreme comfort. Wooden beds on the other hand are great for a firm feel and may need extra cushioning.

Things to consider when buying a mattress:

A good mattress is crucial for a good night's sleep. We have taken special care to design, manufacture, test and bring to you our range of premium mattresses. Whether you are a side sleeper or you sleep on your back, or whether you prefer springs or foam, or whether you like soft mattresses or firm, we've carefully thought of all the options in our collection. With competitive factory prices, premium quality, our mattresses are great value for money. We trust them so much that we provide a 12 years warranty with them and a 100 nights free trials.