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Needless to say, we all need tables and desks somewhere in our homes, be it the dining area, or even in your balcony or patio. An essential part of your home, take a look at our collection of Tables and Desks suitable for every room and every home with their range of styles and designs!
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  • Harold Dining Table 1.5m - Natural, White - Image 2 Harold Dining Table 1.5m - Natural, White - Image 1
    Harold Dining Table 1.5m - Natural, White
    Typical retail $599
    Ships in 1 - 3 days
  • Mizuki Round Side Table with Wheels - Image 2 Mizuki Round Side Table with Wheels - Image 1
    Mizuki Round Side Table with Wheels
    Typical retail $69.90
    Ships in 1 - 3 days
  • Mizuki Carry Table - Image 2 Mizuki Carry Table - Image 1
    Mizuki Carry Table
    Typical retail $69.90
    Ships in 1 - 3 days
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Buy Tables & Desks online in Singapore

Shop Tables & Desks Online in Singapore

We’ve got it all - dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, outdoor tables…

Jazz up the look of your home with stylish and functional tables. Go for a tasteful coffee table to match your home décor. Pair your comfortable sofa with side tables for a complete look. Upgrade to a statement round dining table. Get productive with multi-functional study table. We've got all of your needs covered! Once you know what table are you looking for, you should know what style are you looking at.

Different styles of tables

1. Space saving: Drawer desks, foldable working desks and extension tables are the perfect solution if you’re running low on space. Working desks and drawer desks feature storage facilities that allow you to store your paperwork or stationery. Also, extension tables are perfect for when you need that extra space only for a short period of time.
2. Shape
: Dining tables usually offer the typical round or rectangular shape. Depending on the number of people using the dining table, rectangular dining tables are a better fit to having more guests as compared to round tables. For the unconventional side tables, they are the perfect decorative item to add that little ‘oomph’ to your home. Maintain its charm with a vase of flowers and even some magazines. Rectangular tables are contemporary and good as a divider in open plan homes. A major downside though is the limited seating spots due to the position of table legs.
3. Material
: There is a table out there for everyone! A wooden table would add to the rustic, scandinavian theme of your home while a glass table looks classy and chic. A wooden table is more sturdy and stable and would be ideal for heavy duty usage. As compared to the glass table, which is more light-weight and a better fit for decorative purposes. No matter the style, ensure that the material you've chosen is suited for your everyday needs.
4. Types
: Dining tables, console tables, cocktail tables, computer desks what do I need to get? Dining tables, whilst essential, might not be best for everyone because of apartment configuration. You can consider getting a bar or counter table with some bar or counter stools. Whilst we are on that, skip the cocktail tables! They are impractical because they not only take extra space when in storage, but are used so infrequently. Use some bar or counter stools as they double up as seating when you need it. Console tables are great as they provide for extra storage space for your remotes, cables and tv boxes. You might not need to get a special computer desk, but you definitely will need a study desk for doing work or studying, especially in this work-from home day and age.

If you really can't decide, we have beautiful dining table sets that come with a table and chairs and living room sets that come with a sofa and a coffee table. Thay are specialy selected to ease you into your home without too much effort.