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One can never spring clean only in the spring, espcially since it is spring (or summer in our case) all the time here in Singapore!
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    Lamart Tour Mop Set with Accessories 7L - Orange
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    Big Hug Broom & Dustpan Set
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Buy Home Cleaning Tools online in Singapore

Shop Home Cleaning Tools Online in Singapore

Mop up the mess with self wringing mop buckets and microfiber mops

Mops are an essential part of every home, cleaning up unexpected vomit, or just to keep the grime buildup from happening. But sometimes, it gets difficult to wrong out the excess water from the mop itself because you don't have enough strength, or are just not able to twist and turn the handle to make things work for you. Fret not, our self wringing mop buckets come together with its very own microfiber mop: this makes wringing excess water fuss free while still being able to retain the right amount of wetness to ensure your floors are clean and grime free.

Why get self wringing mop sets?

The answer is simple: They simple help you make your job simpler, easier and are much better for your floors as well. Especially for those with hardwood flooring, too wet a floor can seep into your flooring, reducing its lifespan. With self wringing mops, they are made to be damp enough to clean your floors well while being dry enough to not cause damage to your floors in the long run.

Buying Home Cleaning Tools in Singapore is now easy!

Our extensive range of Home Cleaning Tools, backed by our free delivery and free returns options, ensure that shopping for Home Cleaning Tools online is now a breeze. As an online furniture company, we at HipVan take great care in making great furniture products available to you at fair prices.
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