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The key to an inspiring home is to break all the decorating rules. Go wild with patterns, colours and textures for every room in your home. Style your home your way with cushions, lamps, vases, rugs, and even bedding and kitchen appliances. We're here to make sure you can find something you love, at a shockingly fair prices.
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Buy Furnishings online in Singapore

Buy Furnishings Online in Singapore

Shop for home furnishing products - lighting, home accents, rugs & cushions, décor, bedding, bathroom & vanity, kitchen & home improvement products!

Looking for home furnishing products? Welcome to the perfect place! We have a whole furnishing collection to fulfil all your decorating needs.

If you're looking for lighting to give your home a desired ambience or to give it a quirky look, or if you're trying to make it more bright and lively, shop from our wide selection of unique lights. From simple to popular, we have all designs, something for every home.

Highlight and decorate your house with our wide variety of home accents. Pop these home accents in anywhere to add an extra OOMPH to your living space!

Cosy up your home with our rugs and mats, decorative cushions, throws & curtains. A living room is incomplete without these furnishings that make your home warm & inviting and set the right ambience for every room.

Adding décor to your home is a great way to show off your visual style and let's admit it, it makes your beautiful home more warm and inviting. They say that true beauty can only be observed when one is paying attention to the details. Details are what you get when you buy a piece of décor that can instantly light up your home.

Bedding is an expression of personal taste and the character of the bedroom is determined by the bedding! Whether you're looking for bolsters, duvets, pillows or just a set of bed sheets, you can shop bedding linens to find the colour and pattern you prefer.

If you need new bath linens, essentials or simply, bathroom organisation, you've come to the right place! With our complete range of bathroom essentials, we've got all your shower and bathroom needs covered!

The delicate art of cooking is never complete without the right kitchen tools. Kitchen appliances, organisation, cookware, bakeware, drinkware and cutlery are just a few of the categories you'll find in our selection of kitchenware.

Looking for items to help you clean and organise you home? Look no further, our one stop shop is here to help you with you every neat freak need.

You might have the best furniture yet soft furnishings are the one that would set the tone of your home and give with that extra vibe. Be sure to find the right ones for your home. With our selection, you are sure to find something you'd love!"