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Accent Chairs & Stools

Finding a perfect chair is like finding a life partner. Does it fit your style? Does it make you happy? Does it provide the support you need? Is it affordable? There's a right armchair, settee, loveseat or recliner chair for each home. Let's find yours!
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Buy Accent Chairs & Stools online in Singapore

Comfortable Accent Chairs Online in Singapore

Shops from a range of Lounge Chairs, Bean Bags, Poufs, Rocking Chairs & more

Nothing brings a room together than a few well-placed chairs, a cosy settee or loveseat or a recliner chair. However, choosing the right chair is not an easy task. It's just like finding a life partner. There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing the right chair. Does it fit your style, does it make you happy, does it provide you the support you need, will it grow old with you.

What's the right accent chair for your home that suits your style

Lounge Chair: If comfort & relaxation after a long day of work is what you are looking for, lounge chairs are the answer. Or perhaps you simply want to snuggle and read your favourite book in the corner on a settee. With relatively bigger sizes, lounge chairs and settee provide ample space to cuddle up with your loved ones and enjoy a cosy evening. Called loveseat, for a reason. This unique and bold extra seat in your living room is as comfortable as charming.

Bean Bag or Pouf: Add a touch of warmth in your space with cosy bean bags or poufs. These are versatile and can be used in living room, bedroom, study, balcony or kids' room, giving an instant sense of casual comfort. They are also cool, stylish and portable due to their small size and weight. Warning: Once you plunge in and get comfortable, there ain't no turning back.

Outdoor Chair: There's nothing like having a lovely dinner or Sunday barbecue outdoors, with perfect seating. If that is what you are looking for, we offer folding chairs, stacking chairs, armchairs, benches and rattan chairs which compliment any of your backyard setting. Tip: A rattan chair is a must for any outdoor space. They are weather-resistant, stylish and long-lasting!

Rocking Chair: Having a rocking chair to sway you away from all your worries is the best way to unwind at night. Outdoors or indoors, these are perfect for kids as for adults and very soon they become the most populous furniture in a home!

Swings and Hammocks: Prepare yourself for absolute relaxation and abandon with the most comfortable and very stylish swings. If taking an afternoon nap is your way of enjoying a Saturday, then hammocks might just be for you.

Office Chairs: Support is the most important factor for a study chair. Choose from our heavy duty office chairs are designed that keep you comfortable for hours on end. Ergonomically designed with adjustable back, armrest and firm cushion padding, these chairs give you one less task to worry about while working!

There's a right Accent Chair for each home. Let's find it!
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