Bar Stools

Bar stools add an interesting casual element to your kitchen with their (sexy) backless rest. Great for quick dining, they for all of us who have no time to sit down for meals. An affordable option for relaxed dining to give any dining area an informal, contemporary feel.
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  • Tivona Bar Stool - Cowhide - Brown, Black - Image 2 Tivona Bar Stool - Cowhide - Brown, Black - Image 1
    Tivona Bar Stool - Cowhide - Brown, Black
    Typical retail $349
    Fast Shipping
  • Knit Cozy Outdoor Bar Stool - Elegant Grey - Image 2 Knit Cozy Outdoor Bar Stool - Elegant Grey - Image 1
    Knit Cozy Outdoor Bar Stool - Elegant Grey
    Typical retail $129
    Ships in 8 days
  • Hester Bar Stool - Grey Lacquered - Image 2 Hester Bar Stool - Grey Lacquered - Image 1
    Hester Bar Stool - Grey Lacquered
    Typical retail $259
    Ships in 2 weeks
  • Dawson Bar Chair - Teal Green - Image 2 Dawson Bar Chair - Teal Green - Image 1
    Dawson Bar Chair - Teal Green
    Typical retail $129
    Ships in 5 days
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Buy Bar Stools online in Singapore

high stoolBuy Bar Stools Online in Singapore

Choose your favourite bar stools for your dining room!

Whether it is your love for a contemporary home or your love for dining and drinking at the bar table, these bar stools are the way to go! Stylish and chic, they come in various styles and colours to suit your home.

If you're looking for cocktail tables, spare the extra cash and buy some bar stools! Flat top bar stools will achieve the same purpose without requiring you buy another cocktail table. Besides, how often are you going to use the cocktail table?

Bar stools provide you that nice in between whilst giving you extra seating options too. Bar stools are a great addition to a home to create a casual look and are a great alternative to dining chairs in conventional dining rooms! in a hectic urban city like Singapore bar stools always serve as a reminder that there is more to life than just work. We surely love them and have them around in our office.

What bar stool are you looking for?

Design: From industrial style bar stools to wooden bar chairs, we've got your back. All you need to do is to decide what style goes best with your existing décor or theme. Are you going for a darker colour for the stool to fit right in or a pastel colour to give a modern look.Height: This is an easy one - what's the height of your kitchen counter or bar table? The seat of your stool will be around 25 cm lower than your table top. For all you fun sized humans out there, don't worry! Our bar stools come with a step that allows for easy access up and down the stool. Material: Steel bar chairs create a more contemporary, modern industrial feel whilst still being sturdy at the same time. Wooden chairs are great for any kind or bar table, but are particularly good for Scandinavian dining room interiors. The bar stools at Hipvan come in varying heights, with different styles materials and seat heights for you to find that perfect bar stool you never knew your house needed.

Can't decide on your table and chairs?

If you can't decide on bar chairs or stools, and are faltering between conventional dining areas and the trending bar tables, first take a look at our dining table sets! They save both time and money whilsts still maintaing a classy aesthetic suitable for any kind of dining room.
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