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Choose your dining style from a range of Side Chairs & Arm Chairs.

Like peanut butter and jelly, dining chair must perfectly complement your dining table. It must be sturdy and comfortable for you to sit and overeat your meals in peace. And must be stylish enough so you look good while doing it.
Choose from a wide range of wooden chairs for your dining room: high or low backs, with armrests or without, upholstered seats and bare ones, and much more. If you want to mix things up, opt for accent chairs that can double as dining chairs when your dinner party expands without warning. The art of decorating your home is a complex and never-ending process, so we curated this collection to make the process a little easier.

Deciding on the right chair

Wood or Steel: Before you pair your chairs to tables, take a moment to recognise the style of table you have. Wooden tables are minimalist in terms of style. Based on that simplicity, choose wooden dining chairs, or even chairs that have wooden legs and a leather seating to spice things up a little. Want to create an industrial look? Go for steel!
Colours: Wood is good, but don't pair your Walnut wood table with Oak wood chairs! Be wise. Not to say we don't love a little mix and matching. We love bright coloured chairs paired with modern styled tables. This pop of colour adds finesse to a home, complimenting a contemporary styled table.
Side Chairs or Arm Chairs? This is an easy one. Besides aesthetics, measure how much space do you have to keep the chairs. Side chairs come in handy in a small space, seating the same number of people in lesser centimeters!

Extra tip!

Arm chairs can double up as Accent chairs for when you need an extra seating in your living room instead of your dining room.