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The dining room is where we gather for food, but stay for conversations. Create a dining room where family and friends love hanging around, and set a mood that sparks meaningful and creative dialogue. Because when you have a beautiful dining room, people don't stay just for the desserts.
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Buy Dining Room online in Singapore

Buy Dining Room Furniture Online in Singapore

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Your dining table is where you get together with you family to enjoy those meals, eat and gossip with friends, where homework gets done and mahjong is played! Every home has a unique decor and with it a dining area. After a living room, a dining area is most important in a home. The right furniture could set the mood to your dining area, and make it feel cosy or modern, whatever your preference is. We have loads of dining room ideas for you here!

Decide on what dining room furniture do you need

Each home is different and so are the requirements.
Dining Tables: Choose a dining table style that matches the rest of the theme without compromising on space. No body like to be stuck in a corner or being asked to get up anytime someone has to move. Allow for enough space to sit and to move around the table. Also, go for a rectangular dining tables for larger, narrower spaces and a square or a round one for limited space. Extendable dining tables are perfect for small spaces with more people. Wood dining tables are hardy and classy, while marble dining tables are show stopping, marble-lous beauties.
Dining Chairs: Dining table and chairs go together like peanut butter and jam. Once you're done picking the perfect dining table, you'd need to match the chairs. You can match them to go exactly with the table or you can be bold and mix and match the chairs to give a more casual and fun vibe. Decide whether you'd like arm chairs with your dining table, or will you prefer side chairs with no arm rest to make the area look more spacious?
Dining Benches: The right table must have enough wall clearance to enable the diner to move their chair back and get up without hitting the wall. If the space limitation doesn't allow that with traditional dining table and dining chairs, then dining benches are a great way to make that happen. It takes less space, seats more people and looks chic!
Bar and counter stools: Another piece of furniture that looks chic and keeps a casual vibe isbar stool, bar chair or counter stool. Having a tall stool kept at kitchen counter or bar table is convenient, practical and space saving.
Dining Room Sets: While finding the perfect match for your dining table or chair is exciting, it can get overwhelming. Trust us, we've been there! So, we created these dining room sets with our experts to bring to you some of our best selling tables and chairs and save you a little bit of trouble. We love our food and we love dining areas. Let's create yours!
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