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Enjoy the most important time of the day - mealtimes, with the perfect ambience. Furnish your dining room with stylish and quality dining tables that were made to last. Choose from a wide selection of shapes and sizes to find one that suits you and your loved ones!

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  • Carmen Round Dining Table 1m - White - Image 2 Carmen Round Dining Table 1m - White - Image 1
    Carmen Round Dining Table 1m - White
    Typical retail $399
  • Carmen Round Dining Table 0.6m - White - Image 2 Carmen Round Dining Table 0.6m - White - Image 1
    Carmen Round Dining Table 0.6m - White
    Typical retail $299

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Mealtimes are the most important time of the day; it is a period for loved ones to gather for a meal and enjoy hearty conversations. Choosing the right dining table and dining chair can create a perfect setting for it to take place. Large families? We've got 8 seater dining tables just for you! Like it cosy? Choose our round dining tables! Take your pick from our stunning designs to find the dining table that suits your style and needs best. Our dining tables are made in a myriad of materials as well - from solid wood dining table to marble dining table, take your pick! Create the perfect dining room ambience for you and your loved ones!

Narrowing down on the dining table you love is easy when you know what you are looking for
Size: This is the most basic question you need to answer. Are you looking for a 4 seater dining table for cosy weekday dinners or a 6 seater dining table or an extendable dining table for a bigger family or to entertain guests? In a limited space, round dining tables can accommodate more people by simply squeezing in an extra dining chair, while square dining tables are compact and cosy.
Colour: We have an exclusive range of dining tables that come in varying shades. The white dining table might be for you if you have a light-coloured theme and is trying to achieve a more minimalistic look. Consider natural oak dining table if you're going for a Scandinavian look. Or marble dining table for a contemporary look. Narrow down which colour would best suit your house before beginning to look.
Material: There's a certain charm about wooden dining tables. They make your living space look complete and more put-together. Metal legs on dining tables are also great accent and are great for the industrial style.

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