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Many of our kids’ fondest memories happen in their own bedroom. Create special memories for your child with our quality children’s beds, drawers and storage, chairs and study room furniture.

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Buy Kids' Furniture online in Singapore

Find children's furniture online: children's beds, drawers & storage, chairs and study room furniture right at your finger tips!

Every kid wants their own space to play, make new discoveries, and learn, all while having fun. Create the best environment for your child to grow with HipVan's wide range of quality children's furniture. Choose from a variety of children's drawers, bed frames (bunk beds too!), wall decor, and study desks to design the dream bedroom for you and your little one to enjoy.

Things to consider when creating the perfect bedroom for your children - Size, Colour & Organisation.

1. Size: One thing's for sure - children grow very quickly! Ensure that you buy the right sized furniture for them so they don't have to crouch over tables or stack chairs just to reach something. Keep the furniture dimensions in mind when purchasing to ensure that there is space for your kids to move around. Our advice: Get slightly bigger furniture so you don't have to change them every year.

2. Colour: Bright colours can stimulate a kid's mood, productivity and behaviour. However, avoid the mistake of having colour-clashing furniture. Balance the furniture out with the walls. Go for pastel coloured furniture to pair with bright coloured walls and vice versa. This way the colours in the room will be bright and vivid, while soft and muted at the same time.

3. Organisation: Parents are always concerned about storage space for their children's toys. Instead of picking out many smaller pieces of furniture for storage, opt for larger, sturdy pieces of furniture. Go for a stable drawer for toys instead of an open shelf.

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