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We treat our living room as a sacred place and for that reason we furnish it with the best furniture we can find. We've carefully curated our living room furniture collection so you can create your perfect living room at an affordable price.
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Buy Living Room Online in Singapore

Stylish Living Room Furniture in Singapore

We have over 150 L-shaped sofas, 2, 3-seaters, armchairs, sofa beds.

We treat our living room as a sacred place. A place where even our bosses can't reach us. It's where we kick back and relax, watch Game of Thrones, play Pictionary with friends and catch that quintessential afternoon nap on Sundays. If this sounds like something you'd do, then you know that living room is the most integral part of a home. It tells a story on its own and reflects your home's personality and yours.

What makes a living room perfect, besides constant supply of food & TV, is the furniture. In this section, we have put together all the essential living room furniture. Once you have these, you can start with those house parties. In comparison to other furniture stores, we being an online furniture shop, we're able to save on overhead costs and pass the saving to you.

Sofas and Sectionals: First things first. How much space do you have? Do you need a small living room design? Is it gonna be an L-shaped sofa or a 3-seater? Or are you making a cosy corner with 2-seater sofa? This would pretty much dictate the rest of the decisions. Or is it a sofa bed you're looking for, for those uninvited but welcomed guests? Narrowing on the type of sofa you want might be the biggest hurdle crossed.
Coffee and Side Tables: Next up is to find your sofa a perfect coffee table match. There should be some chemistry and compatibility between the two. Only then would others be able to say that - they look good together. If your sofa is not ready for such a commitment, you can start off with a smaller side table and see how things work out.
Accent Chairs: To keep your sofa company and also to add character to your living room ideas, get an accent chair, be it armchair, settee, loveseat or a recliner chair! This could be a lounge chair is you want to make a statement with style and comfort. An irresistible beanbag or pouf for a more playful living room. Get an ottoman, bench or stool for a more versatile setting where you can move around the chair to create the seating more cosy. Or if you're like us, a rocking chair would be hard not to get.
TV and Media Consoles: A modern living room or a vintage living room without a TV, is like TV without cable! You enjoy more with them. And what your TV needs is a TV stand. Not only does the console table complete the look but it also acts as storage. Media racks are great for it too!
Once you have these basic living room design and furniture sorted, you're left with only the fun furnishings to do!