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Whether it is your love for a contemporary home or your love for eating at the kitchen counter or more importantly drinking at the bar table, these high stools and chairs are the way to go! Stylish and chic, they stand up to 110 cm high and come in various styles and colours to suit your home.

What bar stool are you looking for?

Design: From industrial style bar stools to wooden bar chairs, we've got your back. All you need to do is to decide what style goes best with your existing décor or theme. Are you going for a darker colour for the stool to fit right in or a pastel colour to give a modern look.
Height: This is an easy one - what's the height of your kitchen counter or bar table? The seat of your stool will be around 25 cms lower than your table top. Counter stools are shorter than bar stools.
Back rest: This is a practical as well as aesthetic decision. Do you intend to sit for a couple of drinks, a quick meal where you can sit upright? Or do you plan to be seated for a while watching your husband cook, in which case you'd want to be relaxed with a back rest.

Counter stool, bar stools or bar chairs are a great addition to a home to create a casual look and can even be considered - cool! We surely love them and have them around in our office. We use them only on Fridays. We hope you'd love your high stool as much as we do!