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The delicate art of cooking is never complete without the right kitchen tools. Non-stick kitchen appliances, ceramic knives, organiser, trolleys, glassware, cookware, bakeware, drinkware, dinnerware, cutlery, step dustbin (stainless steel) and dinner plates are just a few of the categories you'll find in our selection of kitchenware. Browse through our kitchen furnishings or kitchen storage (perfect for your pull out shelves), or shop our large and small appliances to complete your kitchen needs!

Did you know? The kitchen is one of the most important places for feng shui as it is the place that nourishes and feeds the family! So it is very important that the kitchen stays clean and organised at all times for better qi flow and positive energy.

To make sure your kitchen and dining area is organised at all times, you just have to get some kitchen organisation items! They are not only great to have for organisational purposes, but they look fantastic and inspiring as well. To start off you need some canisters, glass jars and sealed containers. They help you store dry goods like oats, pasta, and leftovers as well. You can use them in your shelving area or even your fridge! If you ever only use half a vegetable, or half a chicken etc, you know how important it is to keep the excess clean and hygienic, so sealed containers are particularly useful here! Needless to say, we all need to clean up after we cook, since we end up having mess somewhere magically every time. So keep your kitchen towels and napkins close by so that it is easy to reach after a quick blunder. Here are some ideas for you:

Feast on your eyes before it tickles your tastebuds!

Transform your table settings with plates, bowls and serve ware that matches your style so that your eyes will learn to devour the food and cuisine before it even goes into your mouth. Made from durable material, your food will definitely be more enjoyable with the aesthetic presentation. Take it one step further by using table runners and placemats! They aren’t just visual pieces for when guests come over, they help to protect your table from hot dishes and the clinks and clonks of your cutlery.

A warm mug with your favourite kopi (personally we prefer kopi kosong gao but that's just us) in your hand to start the day and revitalise your senses for a full day of work is what keeps us going, and what better way to do so than to brew your own cup of Joe? Make your own cuppa with our coffee makers, sure to satisfy your coffee loving tastebuds. From the start of your brewing journey to the end result of you holding your mug, we have it all. As for tea lovers, maybe a cute and quirky teapot will tickle your fancy.

You are bound to use appliances from when you start moving in, to making cakes and desserts, to boiling hot water everyday and so on. Think they are going to be boring, monotonous colours only? Think again! Here at HipVan, even our blenders are orange! With these fun and interesting items, your life will be full of colour and excitement. We guarantee it! Check out these efficient and useful kitchen appliances, ranging from kettles to pressure cookers, baking tray (and more baking tools!), dessert makers, frying pans (for induction or non induction) and food processors, all designed to help you spend more quality time with your family or that private and intimate date you have in mind!

Don't make pour decisions, stop and smell the rosé with your favourite wine glasses, whisky glasses, shot glasses and cocktail glasses! Perfect for Friday and Saturday nights with friends and family! Did we mention we have beer glasses too? Make sure you store you wine in wine racks and serve your beer with some ice from the ice bucket. Thankfully, we have those for you so nothing is going to ruin the night for you :) For any host, make sure you have cooler boxes! For alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, they are used to store all your drinks and keep them cool without your guests opening and closing the fridge. This not only saves electrical energy, but money as well! Our cooler boxes serve as a side tables but also doubles as a cooler to keep your drinks cool on those hot summer days. When the night rolls in and you want to add a touch of class to the evening, just lift the tops and you're good to go!

Baking pans and dishes
are almost too important not to have, especially if you are an avid baker. Without them, it is almost impossible to make your favourite ondeh-ondeh cake, or delicious red velvet cupcakes. Not just for birthday cakes, making cupcakes are also a great alternative! It is easily shared and distributed, and much easier to decorate, great for beginners if you want to make fancy designs. Baking a beautiful cakes, cupcakes and muffins take practice so be sure to get a good pan to last you through the heat and the many many baking sessions to come. Here at HipVan, we stock springform baking pans for you to easily remove the pan from your cake, making is presentation ready instantly. With your baking pans and trays settled, its only right you get the right tools to complete your perfect bake! From sieves to get flour separated, and whisks to make sure everything is mixed well, these baking utensils make is easy to cook everything from simple cupcakes to decadent macarons. Aluminium options are available too! YAY!

After you are all done, remember to throw away the trash! More often than not, your kitchen is the one of the most used room in your home. Your trash bin, believe it or not, is the hardest working item in your kitchen! Used to throw out scrap bits when cooking, or removing your yogurt lid, getting a good trash bin is essential to making sure your rubbish does not leak or cause unpleasant odours while you are savouring your food.

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