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Our selection of mirrors and clocks are meant to be functional and decorative all at once. Mirrors help to create the illusion of space in your home, which a distinctive clock helps add personality to your home!
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Buy Mirrors & Clocks online in Singapore

Buy Mirrors & Clocks Online in Singapore

Decorate your home with mirrors and clocks!

Looking for décor ideas? Welcome to the perfect place! Adding mirrors and clocks to your home is a great way to show off your visual style and let's admit it, it makes your beautiful home more spacious and inviting. They say that true beauty can only be observed when one is paying attention to the little details. Light up your home with our range of mirrors that are full body length that comes in all shapes and sizes (Hanging mirrors are available too!)

What kind of mirrors and clocks are you looking for?

Mirrors: Mirrors play a lot of roles in a home. They bring up the style quotient of your home, they give an illusion of a bigger room or entryway, they bring in more light in a room, they make you look good! Depending on which room are you buying the mirror for, you can decide on the size and style. For an entryway, perhaps a wall mounted, full length mirror or more stylish mirror. For your bedroom, you might consider a standing mirror. Good thing about mirrors is, there's no right or wrong.

Clocks: Clocks are no longer just a tool to tell time. With our designer and handmade printed clocks, they can be a stylish decor piece for any room. Why limit your creativity? Explore our range of clock designs, which includes alarm clocks, analog clocks, grandfather clocks and cuckoo clocks, and add some fun to your homes!
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