the SUs' residence in sunny island Singapore 🏡 We are a fam of three 👨‍👩‍👧

Child's Play | Flourish. Create. Connect.

  • Couple Living with Kids
  • 3 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,200 sqft
  • Modern Organic
  • Here in our child's room, we planned for a place where our little one can flourish, express, connect and be creative. A place where she feels warm and safe to play independently which by the way, is not where she sleeps - that will be our bedroom. We also chose an evergreen wall colour that could grow with our child through the years. We kept the space to be filled with fun colours & most things within her reach - other than the room remote controls which are right at the highest shelf. Gotta keep the electronics operating well! The wall decals were more recently decorated and in the process of doing so, we could even engage our little one with the fun activity (plus working those finger motor skills) of sticking them on the wall!
  • A modular sofa placed at the other side of the room doubles up as : 1. A bed for mom or dad (aka us) to sleep on when we fall sick (thanks to awful school germs) or needs a good night's rest (let's face it, we all need a break from parenting sometimes) 2. Play sofa for our little one to move the different parts around and imagine them to be whatever she likes them to be. She likes to arrange them in a certain manner and calls it a "choo choo train"! And of course, a carpet that's easy to clean (yep, all those snacks!) yet feels warm & snuggly on the feet has really helped to make the place more cosy!
  • Books! Books! Books! Before this, they were all over the house. We searched high and low for a bookshelf that fits the colour tone of the room, curve edges, one that is not too tall and could grow with our child through the years. When we finally discovered this, we thought it to be perfect! We had previously gotten a rotating bookshelf and over time, we realised it took up so much space in the room and we were constantly worried about whether it would topple on our little one if we left her in the room to play alone. We sold it off in the end!
  • An adorable doorstopper to greet the little one at the door, while serving an important purpose of keeping the door open properly and safely preventing the door from slamming shut unnecessarily due to the wind or whatnot.
  • We decided on a built-in wardroom because we knew our little one would eventually grow her own collection of clothes to manage and organise. In the meantime, we are occupying a third of this space with our stuff, so extra storage in the house is always a good thing!
  • 5 June 2023
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