Hi there! I’m a full time mum and designer.
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A Self-Designed (Zen) Home with a Reno Cost of <40k

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  • Couple Living with Kids
  • 4 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~900 sqft
  • Free Style
  • Hi there! This is Sherry and Ashraf :) Welcome to our humble abode at Clementi Peaks. We self-designed this house as I am working in the archi industry while my husband is also in the building industry (yup he did all the smart home thingy thing). We spent less than 40k on reno which is pretty rare these days. We moved into our BTO unit in March this year. We were a little nervous at first because our little one was barely 3 months old. But I’m glad we have gotten used to living here already. Happy to share more about our house design.
  • We converted the bedroom into the living room as we wanted to have a continuous space from the kitchen to dining and to the new living room. This helped to open up the space quite a bit. Guests have also commented that the whole space feels spacious. Do scroll to the back to see the overall floor plan.
  • I’ve always dreamt of having herringbone vinyl flooring because I think it adds on to the character of the home. Compared to timber-lookalike tiles, vinyl has a warm touch to it which makes the whole house feel more cosy. The pendant light which has two spheres - one concrete and one illuminated is from Form + Light Concepts. I think it’s a design that is inspired by some award winning design LOL. We just happened to chance upon it.
  • The foyer features pebblewash with grey slates to demarcate the ‘dirty area’.
  • This is where we spend most of our time. I work from home twice a week so this space is extremely important to me. Our home office features a 8m long table which has ample space for both of our work stations and my Archi model as well. I DIY-ed the wall calendar using MDF wood coasters from Artfriend. PS: We love our Hinomi ergonomic chairs! Extremely breathable and comfortable.
  • Here’s a sneak preview of our master bedroom from the living area which features a decent-sized wardrobe with curved edges and a dresser. The gold accents on the ottoman further enhances the overall look of the space - a nice contrast between metallic and wood finishes.
  • We wanted a sideboard area to display some of our favourite things. Interestingly and to the surprise of our guests, this piece (+ our TV console) is actually from IKEA. My husband was the one who assembled it with some of his kakis. The fluted-panel look-alike door panels are limited edition items. We waited for quite some time for them to be back in stock but I’m glad we did! The Quarry display bowl by Zoe Mowat was a wedding gift - super precious. The little table carpet below the HipVan lamp is a souvenir from my Turkey trip.
  • Here’s the overall plan :) You can see that we’ve swapped the living room and home office. Stay tuned as we take you through each of the spaces over the next few weeks. Meanwhile you can find us on Instagram @sherrarchi Cheers!
  • 27 June 2023
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