Two derps making a home in a 30 year old resale HDB

Creating a clean and functional yet personalised entryway

  • Couple Living
  • 3 br
  • HDB (Resale)
  • ~1,100 sqft
  • Contemporary
  • Being an older resale unit, we don’t really have a defined entryway as such. Our door is also positioned pretty much right in the middle of the wall so we couldn’t really carve out a distinct foyer type space that is separate from the living area, as such we kept things clean and minimal. We have a very practical shoe cabinet to the right of the door as it enables us to grab our shoes along the pathway out to the door.
  • We styled the area with a lamp for ambient lighting and this is also where we place any candles we want to light. We also use this sideboard as a place for our pet camera as it’s height allows us to get a good overview of the entire living area.
  • The left of our door is where we place items we need to grab just before heading out, like our shopping basket or bags. The sideboard here stores all our reusable shopping bags and other bits and bobs for things we need around the house. There is a window to the side which makes it ideal for us to place plants which need a little more light. We have a bench which doubles as slipper/frequently worn shoe storage right here as well, as it is in the most direct path of how we walk in after entering through the door. The bench and the door mat under it gives us a spot to sit down and take our shoes off without tracking dirt further into the house.
  • We like to use this area to place our family photos and recent travel photos to add a touch of personalisation to the home. The remote control LED candles here also provide ambient lighting at night and we swap out the candle holders depending on our overall styling mood. Dried flowers and foliage is also placed to add some visual softness to the space and provide little hight variation to the overall arrangement.
  • Small details make the space and we love these little pop-up hooks that reveal a little cat when something is hung on its "tail".
  • 9 July 2023
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