rebuilding a 90s flat around its 30-year-old marble floors

Squarish galley-style kitchen to maximise flow and function

  • Couple Living
  • 4 br
  • HDB (Resale)
  • ~1,200 sqft
  • Minimalist
  • One of the things that sold this flat for us was the huge kitchen! The large and squarish layout opened so many possibilities.
  • We toyed around with various configurations in our discussions with our ID, and eventually decided to go with a classic galley layout. This was to maximise flow, not just within the kitchen, but also to the dining and living area.
  • We chose a backsplash in a terracotta shade to highlight the warm nodes from our broken marble tiles. Our backsplash ran across both the stove and dry counters, and met a feature wall on the counter side — striking in Jotun’s Senses, yet not over imposing.
  • One of our earlier dilemmas was whether to keep the kitchen open or closed. Having an open concept looked cleaner and more spacious, but having the option of closing off the kitchen during heavy cooking also allowed us to better protect furniture and carpentry from grease.
  • We eventually went with the latter, and got these bifold slim frame doors shipped in. This met our desire for function, but translated into a fair bit of delays in our entire reno journey. (We talked about this in our other post on the study doors!)
  • 20 August 2023
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