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Living (it up in our favourite) space!!

  • Couple Living
  • ≥5 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,200 sqft
  • Scandinavian
  • Creating our living space aka living room is truly a dream that came through.. and we mean that quite literally! Thank God! We have always manifested and pictured our living space looking like this. This space is made for us to rest our tired mind and lounge our swollen feet and just buffer the night away with netflix snacking our way through episodes..ahhhh blisss!!
  • We didn’t really do much reno works around our living room except for covering the bomb shelter and building a shoe rack. Of course, if we had more budget, we would absolutely do something more, but the only thing we could do was to elevate our living space.
  • How did we do that?! Well, we did so by trying (keyword: trying) to add textured art works, tufted cushions, textured rugs, tufted throws, and faux plants. We tried our best to add only décor items such as scented candles in glass, handwoven trays, ceramic vases and items with touch of wood and gold.. We also display items that are functional and makes sense to the space.
  • Planning our furniture at home was no easy feat... we have allotted enough budget to buy furnitures so we must follow the budget no matter what..if its cheaper its better! Haha! But we also want our house to look nice and not too cluttered and to fill up every empty corners.. so you see the conundrum is real! haha! The budget is one thing, the furniture is another..if we have enough budget we would definitely build cabinets in this empty "study" space but coz we dont! So we turn to ikea! Our fave furniture store in the world..hahaha! When were looking for the right kind of sideboard + storage, we saw Besta!
  • Did you know you can design it yourself in Ikea Planner.. love that we could do that! Nothing so extravagant for us, we just plopped a couple of doors and frames and et voilà! we got what we want!! Off we went to Ikea!! Its been 2 years and I still love this amazing sideboard + storage cabinet! Haha!
  • Google said that a sofa establishes the mood of your living room and serves as the focal point around which the rest of your home's furnishings are arranged. We totally agree on this. We have always loved an L-shaped sofa. As much as we love colours, neutral earth tones decor have always been our top choice for our home especially our living room and kitchen..for the rest of our house..let’s just say its pretty colourful..
  • When we replaced our Ikea sofa with the one from Castlery we had made sure that the covers were 100% removable..coz as much as we love grey.. we have always preferred the color beige... Thus around Feb 2022, we sourced up a sofa upholstery service and customised the cushion covers and ever since then we are enjoying our beige sofa.
  • Having a removable sofa cover is super super importante! You see that lil guy on our coffee table.. don't be fooled by his fluffiness! He is not at all cute when he scratches our sofa covers and dirtied it with his smelly smelly bum..haha! So this is the reason why we want a sofa cover that we can wash every-time it gets too dirty... Do stay tune where we share more of our home and decor journey in the upcoming posts. Thank you for being here. :)
  • 28 September 2023
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