Quiet Living

Our 4m x 5m Living Room

  • Couple Living
  • 2 br
  • Condo
  • ~1,000 sqft
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • This is our living room! As our house opens up to our dining room & living room. This would be the first thing our guests see when they arrive! We chose curtains that not only allow light in but also provide us privacy as outsiders will not be able to look in even with the lights on.
  • Most of our cat things are also in the living room with us like their automatic cat litter, food bowl & water bowl. As the cat litter cleans itself right after the cats have done their business, we do not usually need to worry about any smell. This is also so that we can monitor them 👀 We also have a arch in laminated plywood paired with wall lamps to mimic the mid century library vibes. It also demarcates the living & dining room space.
  • On one side of the wall, we have a Flos wall lamp to provide ambience lighting if we need it.
  • This is an example when we move the wall lamp right above the coffee table. You may also have realised we like to change up the configuration on the room as it’s quite squarish and we can free up some place for the cats to run about with this set up!
  • On the other side of the wall, we have intentionally left this big wall blank because of…
  • Our projector!!! We both love watching shows and drama hence we decided that we need a huge tv. Back when we were shopping for tv 3 years ago, there were not many 85 inches tv in the market. We actually chanced upon this at Xiaomi store and decided to get the one that was in 4k resolution, quite a new thing back in 2020. Moving forward 3 years later, we are still using it almost daily. I must say it was a good buy as the price been rising for this particular projector since then! (I usually thought the price would drop instead lol)
  • This projector supports almost every app like Netflix, Disney+ , Prime TV, etc. We get movie nights almost every other day and it is just fantastic! Even watching a simple YouTube video, we get to watch it in 90-100inches. Lol.
  • 29 September 2023
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