3 adults and a baby living together in a small 4-room 83 sqm HDB

Our small farmhouse kitchen - possibilities of a small kitchen space

  • Living with Family
  • 3 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~900 sqft
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Welcome to our small kitchen - our version of a modern farmhouse kitchen. The kitchen was the one place in our house where I put a lot of thought into the theme and design, and one of my favourite parts of the house. A bit of introduction - we hacked two walls in our kitchen to 1) transform it into an open kitchen and 2) combine the service yard with the kitchen to enlarge the kitchen. In the photo above, you will notice the beam, which is originally where the kitchen ends and separates it from the service yard. Which, as you can see, would be reallyyy small 🥲 so hacking the service yard bi-fold doors/windows extending the kitchen counter was the way to go.
  • So we really tried our best to recreate a modern farmhouse kitchen by - • selecting the raw wood style for our kitchen countertop • selecting white subway tiles for the kitchen backsplash • having white lattice top cabinets. This was one of my non-negotiables. In fact, if space had allowed, I would have preferred another set of lattice top cabinets! • vinyl flooring • having a farmhouse sink! Another non-negotiable 🤭
  • I decided to go for a double-storey standing dish rack as • the kitchen sink was on the side where we hacked off the walls so there wasn’t an option for a top-hung dish rack • anyway I didn’t really fancy the look of a top-hung dish rack, firstly for aesthetic reasons and also cos the idea of water dripping down on my arms irk me 😅
  • And what is a farmhouse kitchen without a farmhouse sink right? This one from Bacera suits us perfectly - I got no complaints. For a small kitchen, this sink is also big enough for us 👌
  • I initially wanted to have cabinets all the way to have as much storage space as possible. But as fate would have it, our ID explained to us the limitations of installing cabinets there as that is where the service yard windows are, so we eventually went with open shelves there, which was just as well cos it also suits the farmhouse kitchen theme, and more decor space. Yay!!
  • Our shelfie here has changed quite a number of times 😅
  • Our kitchen is very cluttered cos there is extremely limited space and we use quite a lot of appliances on a daily basis- oven, toaster, air fryer, kettle, hot water dispenser, hot water flask, water pitcher, cooker for baby’s porridge, steam oven.. although most people prefer to stow away all their appliances for a clean, clutter-free look, but we opted to leave these appliances on the countertop as we use them frequently and daily and we do not have enough storage space to house all these appliances. But never mind, as we prefer the lived-in look anyway. It is what makes the house a home, and looks cozier too 😄
  • If you’re wondering where our washing machine is kept, it is inside the concealed cabinets on the left in the above photo. I also want to mention our service yard Japandi blinds from End Curtain. It’s so aesthetic!
  • One way we try to maximise storage space is by using these extendable shelves from Shopee.
  • The Aykasa storage crates from State Of Matters are also very good for storage. I love them!
  • Another storage tip : adding these hanging “pockets” on the sides of the fridge. We use these to store chilli sauce packets.
  • We stuck hooks on our bomb shelter and use it to hang oven mitts, apron, grocery bags and netted bag for fruits! Being extra, I also hung a green wreath round the bomb shelter vent. 😂
  • Finishing touch: a garland along the exposed pipes above the sink to give it a rustic vibe, and distract attention away from the fact that the pipes are exposed! Making the most out of a situation 😅
  • 29 October 2023
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