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How to Design a Small but Functional Home Workspace

  • Living with Family
  • 4 br
  • HDB (Resale)
  • ~1,100 sqft
  • Scandinavian
  • Welcome to our post on creating small but functional home workspaces! We have two distinct workspaces - a study corner for the husband, and a craft corner for the wife.
  • Let's head on to our study/ home office for the husband! This was designed from the onset, and we knew that we needed a lot of storage for the files and documents we have. Building a wall to ceiling height cabinet really helps to maximise the space, and of course helps to maintain a decluttered look when the doors are closed. Having adjustable shelving track is something we incorporated to all our wardrobes, and our study cabinet adopts the same system as well. This helps us to easily adjust the height to maximise the storage space! Definitely a need for small workspaces.
  • There are many storage box options in the market, this helps to organise the workspace effectively. Do make sure to measure to ensure it fits the space!
  • Another good way to organise workspaces effectively is to label the drawers compartments so we don't have to rummage through the drawers to search for items!
  • Moving on to the craft workspace - this area came much later after we designed the house. It was important to have a dedicated craft corner as this helps the wife (aka me!) to focus on the projects for @stayathomemaker.
  • It took some time but we finally found a loose piece of furniture which fits nicely into the corner of our living room. Some configuration was needed to shift the kids' toys around, but it all worked out! A good tip is to draw or write out what you need to place in your craft workspace and plan it out to ensure the furniture you are buying fits the criteria! Small workspaces means we need to measure out the dimensions out properly, don't want to risk the furniture sticking out like a sore thumb!
  • As always, our favourite way to organise are using Aykasa crates! It is also easy to move the crates down if I need more tabletop space to work on. I would definitely have built a more efficient craft corner to maximise the ceiling space if I had started @stayathomemaker earlier, but thankfully with the right furniture this worked out as well! Do share more tips on how to organise your workspace (especially craft corners) with us. Feel free to connect with us on our IG handle @thedeeshive too!
  • 10 November 2023
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