3Gen Scandinavian BTO in Bidadari

"Oh You Have 3 Bathrooms?!"

  • Living with Family
  • 4 br
  • HDB (BTO)
  • ~1,300 sqft
  • Scandinavian
  • Living in a 3 Gen BTO means things are a little bit different. Instead of the usual 3 beds + 2 baths, we have an extra bedroom that comes with a bathroom too. More is more in this case. More expenses, more maintenance, more cleaning. But it also means we don't fight for the bathrooms anymore. Peace is the most important thing in the family!
  • Welcome to our monochrome common bathroom. We wanted a bright & airy bathroom where guests can feel comfortable & relaxed when they're in it. The subway tiles we chose were slightly bigger than the classic size of 3X6 inches. Ours are 200X100mm. We felt that this would give a more balanced look to the room & make it less cluttered to the eyes.
  • When designing our bathrooms we took into consideration making them as barrier free & future proof as we could. One way is to construct a 'drop-down' shower area rather than having a kerb. This is also more aesthetically pleasing. The disadvantage is that a greater area will be wet & there will be less reaction time if there is a choke. This is why we installed the ventilation fans to help with drying the bathrooms faster. Less humidity & moisture will also lead to less mould & mildew.
  • One detail that our contractor paid attention to was to give ample space between the shower screen and the vanity for ease of cleaning. This is an area often overlooked.
  • Allow me to introduce our master bathroom where you'll find the most colourful wall in our home! After the subway, the kit-kat is a very close second favourite of ours. We would have the whole room overlayed with it if not for budget constraints. All our bathrooms are equipped with black fixtures because they are sleek and easy to match. We had to get them separately though as there's no one brand that had everything we liked.
  • We always look forward to a nice hot shower under this after a long day. The pressure is strong enough yet gentle on the skin. One thing to note is that rain shower head works best with a storage tank heater.
  • We have these cute little vintage Chinese stools in each of the bathrooms. We use them like a potty stool when pooping. Research has shown that the squatting position is the most natural & effective way to clear our bowels. So by placing our feet on the stool, our knees are higher than our hip thus assuming a squatting position. The Chinese stools definitely look better than those plastic ones & they're easier to store too.
  • Our 3rd bathroom is an all grey affair. The wall & floor tiles are the same design & we went with bigger ones for the well-advertised advantages plus a seamless look.
  • For the vanity top in all the bathrooms we used the same one as the kitchen peninsula so as to maintain some continuity in the design. And that's all for our bathroom tour. We hope you like it and if possible do tell us which 1 out of the 3 you prefer. Thank you & have a nice day!
  • 23 April
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