living in our cosy little farmhouse in telok blangah

4Rm HDB Classic Farmhouse Open Concept Service Yard

  • Couple Living
  • 3 br
  • HDB (Resale)
  • ~1,000 sqft
  • Classic Farmhouse
  • I'll be honest - our service yard serves a more functional purpose, and over time, my husband has taken the liberty to make it fully functional and while it irks me, he's the one doing those "wet" chores so I've left him be (or so he thinks) haha. Steigen has been our saviour (I think over time there's many cheaper & good options available) because we don't hang laundry outside of the house and we don't have a dryer either. It makes the most sense for us for a variety of reasons when making this decision of not having a dryer 3 years back: 1) 2-in-1 washer & dryers were statistically known to spoil faster, according to our own family & friends' experiences 2) we don't have space for both (horizontally & vertically) 3) we prefer a top-load washing machine However, if you'd ask me now, I might invest in a dryer in future just for aesthetics sake because hanging bedsheets in the middle of the kitchen is really... let's just say #ugly 😭🤣
  • For reference, this is how our kitchen/ service yard looks like after we knock down the partition. You can still see the old laundry bar (?) there, so you get a rough idea of where laundry used to hang in this unit. For full before/ after of the kitchen/ service yard, you can refer to my kitchen post. Also, you can see the very strange angle in this unit and hence we had to ponder really hard on the placements of washer + furniture around it to maximise space...
  • ... and it leads to this (today). You can see our paint is peeling off 😮‍💨 (so real, given the humidty around this area). Some key aspects in this area: 1) We boxed up the pipes to make it look neater, but we still have to deal with the awkward spaces 2) Got ourselves a open cabinet that fits nicely and can withstand sun/rain to store our "wet" and laundry-related items 3) At the top, we also had a pull-up bar there for the longest time until we found a nice solution to make use of the space to hang our shower towels (we air dry them and this area gets direct morning sunlight). We also like to hang easy-to-dry items here for laundry! 4) To the front, we have installed a cabinetry to put all the hangers we use for our laundry for our Steigen (you can see it's shorter than it should be, yes that's one of the mishaps we had during construction and we had to live with it 🤡) 5) Washer at the bottom. To be honest, you can also use this to temporary hold things if you want to when it's not in use so we didn't see the "front-load washer giving space on top" a good enough reason. Plus, the older you get, you really don't want to bend down too much just to do laundry do you? 😂
  • And on other functional items, it was a blank wall underneath the toilet window, so I had thought to either put an artwork (lol) or this hook, and I went with this latter idea since I realise we had a lot of tote bags that we use for grocery shopping among other daily things that always end up being hung on the kitchen door, so this was the perfect place for it (and in my opinion the only aesthetic item in the service yard haha). And... are you ready for the ugliest image of my house I'll ever post online?
  • Here you go!! We have our mini recycling corner (which I think is so important since we generate so much waste everyday), and also the mop & pail combi 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😭😭😭 At the very least they're pink (part of my brief of course), but my husband does the toilet washing every weekend. They're usually left here to dry during the weekday and you really can't be bothered during the weekday to put it away after they're dried. So they're almost here on a permanent basis, which irks me to no end but he asked me where should they go if not, and I have no answer since the sun shines here every morning so it's the best drying spot 😂🥹 #real
  • 14 June
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