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Baking pans and dishes are almost too important not to have, especially if you are an avid baker. Without them, it is almost impossible to make your favourite ondeh-ondeh cake or delicious red velvet cupcakes. Not just for birthday cakes, making cupcakes are also a great alternative! It is easily shared and distributed, and much easier to decorate, great for beginners if you want to try out fancy designs. Baking beautiful cakes, cupcakes and muffins take practice so be sure to get a good pan that can last you through the many baking sessions to come. Take your pick from our myriad of sizes and shapes with varying functions. Our springform baking pans will allow you to to easily remove the pan from your cake, making it presentable the moment it is removed.

Your baking utensils are just as important in creating your ondeh-ondeh cake as your baking pans and dishes! Take into account the quality of the baking sheet as well as the specific design when you are shopping for a baking sheet. For example, if you like toasted coconut or nuts in the oven, then lined baking sheets would your best option so they won’t fall into your oven while baking. Make sure they are non-stick as well!

From sieves to get flour separated, and whisks to for thorough mixing, these baking utensils make it easy to bake any and everything - simple cupcakes, decadent macarons and more. Cutters and presses are affordable and durable, perfect for making as many cookies as you'd like! You should also know that measuring cups and spoons are important to get the right ratio for you bakes! This way you won't get uncooked or burnt bakes.
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