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Choosing the perfect lighting is an essential step of decorating your home. So many questions to ask - should I get a pendant lamp or floor lamp or more of ambient lights or simple table lamps or some wall lights. Good thing is, we've got them all!
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Buy Lighting online in Singapore

Buy Stylish Lighting Online in Singapore

Choose from pendant lamps, floor lamps, table & bedside lamps, ambient lights, light bulbs & drop caps and wall lights.

There are many options to choose from. It all depends on whether you're going for cosy ambient lights or floor lamps, or a brighter wall light or something more stylish like pendant lamps. Often lighting is not considered a major part of home renovation or furnishing. However, we beg to differ. Perfect lighting can light up any décor and make your home exponentially more beautiful! Say Watt!

We have all sorts of lighting styles to match your home décor, including traditional, designer, contemporary, modern, industrial, rustic, scandinavian and vintage.

Pendant Lamps: For homes where chandeliers take up too much ceiling space, try some Pendant Lighting instead! Hanging lights are a great way to make a bright statement and our extensive collection can help you find one to fit within your budget, space and personality. Psst... They also make great dining lights!

Floor Lamps: Floor lamps are practical and useful lighting fixtures that can heighten the grace of any area. Using one of our modern floor lamps is a great way to spice up your house lighting and add a warmer and greater sense of light in a room. Standing lamps, such as a tripod floor lamp, can make every nook and corner cosier. In addition, as they are bold enough to make their presence felt in your passageway or hallway, they serve as attractive entry-point décor.

Table & Bedside Lamps: Table lamps are pretty much the best accessories your table can have. They also brighten up the room with a soft glow. Both practical and decorative, work lamps and desk lamps are your best companions for working and studying late into the night. Table lamps can diversify your bedroom lighting; table lamps can transform and fine-tune the ambience and character of your room.

Ambient Lights: Add a pleasant glow to your home with some mood lighting that can easily enhance the ambience of any space. Change up your bedroom lighting; hang it or display it on a table, these thoughtfully crafted lamps are a must have for any home! Extra tip: Use them creatively during a celebration to make the space look more festive.

Light Bulbs & Drop Caps: Bored of conventional-looking light bulbs and lighting accessories? Browse through our collection for stylish and unconventional light bulbs including LED bulbs, jazzy cables & stands, handy pendant kits and tools. Don't forget to check out our bestsellers, the Plumen and Nook London range of products.

Wall Lights: Thinking of lighting up your room without using up more floor space? Make the best choice and go for a wall light or a wall lamp! They are not only functional but also an excellent décor piece. Choose from classy dreamy designs for an enchanting atmosphere or funky new-age designs to add some edgy hallway lighting.So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to impart a more positive and energetic feel to your environment and mood. These decorative lightings create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your get-together, cosy dinners, and romantic evenings.
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