Chef & Sommelier Primary Gobelet Fh40 Tumbler 40cl - Set of 6



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Serve mojitos, long island iced teas, or your own signature cocktails in this versatile Chef & Sommelier L8677 Primary 13.5 oz. hi ball glass! This chic glass' rounded design is sure to complement any sophisticated table setting or a classy party. The heavy base ensures stability on your tabletops and the elongated design increases the perceived value of your drinks.

This is made from Chef & Sommelier's revolutionary, durable Kwarx glass material, a new glass material formulated to endure and restist the intensive conditions of food service environments. The result is a glass with increased shock resistance and durability against chipping, breakage, and scratching. It is renowned for maintaining its brilliance for up to 2000 industrial dishwashing cycles and is completely transparent for the perfect choice in quality glassware. This means your glass will be able to standup to high demand and heavy usage while still maintaining its crystal clarity. Designed with excellence in mind, this glass ensures your signature spirits always look and taste their finest.

Assembly:Not applicable
Key Features
Highlights:Comes in a set of 6
Overall:W7.6 D7.6 H12.7 cm
Materials & Care

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