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Dorco 3Pcs Knife Block Set - Black


Colour: Black
  • Dorco 3Pcs Knife Block Set - Black
  • Dorco 3Pcs Knife Block Set - Beige
  • Dorco 3Pcs Knife Block Set - Beige and Black (Set of 2)
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  • From Dorco
  • Dorco Knife Block Set is a simple configuration with maximum functionality, minimalistic design, and in a soft beige or black colour.

    Dorco MyChef Knife Block Set's advantage shines the moment you hold it in your hand. The newly devised anti-slip handle adheres closely to the hand and provides and optimal grip. It is not heavy and relieves wrist fatigue.

    The quality of stainless steel polished in a local factory is unmatched by any other product. The high-quality stainless steel blade has been sharpened 3 times. The secret to excellent cutting power and durability.

    • Ergonomic handle grip
    • Anti-slip handle for a good grip!
    • High quality tertiary grinding stainless steel blade
    • Excellent cutting power & wear resistant
    • Aesthetically pleasing colour & design

  • What's in a Set
    • 1x Fruit Knife (21.4cm)
    • 1x Chef Knife (31.4cm)
    • 1x Scissors (25cm)
    • 1x Knife Holder Block

    How to Maintain the Knife
    1. Stainless Steel is not guaranteed that 100% rust will never occur.

    1. If the acidity of fruits or vegetables is still on the blade, rust may occur. Please wipe it clean before storing it.

    2. When rust occurs, it can be easily removed by wiping with a metal cleaner.

    3. When wiping the kitchen knife, wipe it with running hot water and wipe it completely with a soft cloth.

    4. When oil or other contamination occurs, use dish soap and rinse thoroughly.

    5. The knife should be stored in a safe place or in a knife storage box.

    6. The handle of the knife is made of a lot of plastic, so keep it away from fire.

    7. Due to the nature of the colour, the handles of the Beige set could stain.

    If there is a food colour stain, clean with baking soda and lemon juice. It is more effective if it is dried in the sun for 2 to 3 days.

    1. The more luxurious the product, the more important it is to store and maintain them properly. Enjoy a good knife that is hygienic and has long-lasting cutting power.
  • Dimensions
    Fruit Knife: W21.4 cm
    Chef Knife: W31.4 cm
    Scissors: W25 cm
    Knife Holder Block: W14.1 D15.8 H24.6 cm
  • Materials
    Colour: Black
    Knife, Scissors: Stainless Steel
    Knife Holder Block: TPE
  • Care
    • Assembly not applicable

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