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Eli Candle Warmer Lamp


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  • A candle warmer lamp is a device that allows for scent distribution throughout a space without the use of an open flame. What sets them a part is the fact that they come with a candle stand and the shade hovers precisely over it. The bulb thoroughly melts wax from top to bottom, creating a nontoxic environment for enjoying your favourite candle scents.

    With a candle warmer, you're electronically warming and melting candle wax — that means there are no open flames. If you're an avid candle burner, then chances are you've found soot or residue from a burning wick on your walls. This can actually damage or even yellow your walls and wallpaper over time, lowering the value of your home or result in a lost security deposit in a rental. This makes candle warmers a great option for those wanting to forego an open flame.

    It’s a safer alternative to burning candles. No flames plus no potentially harmful fumes equals overall better air quality. Combine that with the fact that it actually helps preserve candles, along with its gorgeous design.

  • Dimensions
    H30 Ø15 cm
    Lamp shade: Ø9.5 cm
    Height for candle: 14 cm
    Base: Ø15 cm
  • Materials

    Lamp shade: Electroplating metal
    Base: Marble

  • Care
    The Candle Warmer Lamp have warming light bulbs that melt the top of a candle to safely release the candle's fragrance from the wax while creating the appearance of a lit candle without the dangers of an open flame. Please be sure NOT to light the candle with an open flame at the same time.
    • Assembly not applicable

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