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Miffy 15cm Casserole


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  • Even when you're living by yourself, remember to eat well. The Miffy Casserole holds about 1.4 litres - just the right amount to whip up one-pot meals for one (or two)! Keep leftovers with the air-tight polyester lid, you can even store the whole pot directly into the fridge.

    Introducing FUJIHORO Japan x Miffy - A series of pure white enamel kitchenware featuring a clean and simple design, with a touch of cuteness! Coated with Japan enamel, they are lightweight and durable, making it suitable for daily use. It conducts heat well and only low and medium heat is required. Enamel is also anti-bacterial and acid & alkali resistant, so you can be assured to use it for cooking and storing food.

  • About Enamel:
    Since the glaze is applied by hand, there will be some individual differences in each facial expression.
    Due to the nature of enamel, some parts may look like black spots or uneven colour when firing.
    The part that becomes the cut end of the steel sheet is hard to be glazed, and some black streaks on the base can be seen, but the black part is also enamel processed.
    These are inevitable in the manufacture of enamel and are ubiquitous in all products.
    Please be sure to read the instruction manual that accompanies the product before use.
    For the examples listed above, it is not a defect and there is no problem in using it, so please use it with confidence.

    Suitable for use with gas stove, induction cookers. Use with low and medium heat.
  • Dimensions
    W22 D16.5 H13 cm
    0.7 kg
  • Materials
    Colour: White

    Body: Steel plate for enamel
    Lid knob: natural wood
    Poly lid: polyethylene

  • Care
    NOT Microwave safe.
    Dishwasher safe when the lid is removed.
    Only use with wooden and silicone cookware. Only clean when cooled and with a soft sponge and dishwashing liquid. Do not use abrasive materials. Only the main body except the poly lid can be heated. The coating may be damaged if an impact is applied. Some with handles and handles attached have holes inside to allow water and air to escape. In addition, the metal substrate may show through and appear as black dots or black lines on the inside of the winding edge, the handle, and the inside of the handle. These are normal, please be assured to continue using them.
    • Assembly not applicable

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