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OSIM uDivine Mini 2 Massage Sofa - Orange


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Colour: Orange
  • OSIM uDivine Mini 2 Massage Sofa - Orange
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  • Live Big –
    choice massager for a modest space
    Having a massage sofa doesn’t have to compromise on space. The uDivine Mini 2 makes for a wise choice for the modern homes with its ideal size and full body massage capabilities.

    Space saver
    uDivine Mini 2, a compact and space saving than a standard single-seat sofa. Taking up only 0.83m2 and a width of 70cm of space.

    Ideal entry-level massage sofa
    Packed with great massage functions, the uDivine Mini 2 is the ideal sofa for the value conscious.

    Full body massage
    Offers a comprehensive full body massage to promote better relaxation and improve overall well-being.

    Music entertainment
    Comes with in-built speakers with wireless Bluetooth connectivity to enhance your entertainment experience.

    Live Smart –
    with better massage technologies
    Imbued with innovative massage technologies, the uDivine Mini 2 features 360° roller balls, elongated L-shaped track and airbag massage to deliver a comprehensive and delightful full body massage, melting away all accumulated muscle tension.

    360degree massage roller balls: Featuring two sets of 360degree roller balls that roll smoothly along the contours of your body to provide the most pleasurable massage.

    Longer massage track coverage: The now elongated L-shaped massage track of 117cm provides an even wider massage coverage for a more comprehensive massage experience.

    Airbag massage: The first compact massage sofa that comes with airbag massage for the hands, as well as hips and calves to further improve blood circulation. Its intensity can also be adjusted according to your preference.

    Live Fully –
    designed for your lifestyle
    Work hard and rest well with a series of lifestyle massage programs, specially designed to maximize your me-time enjoyment with the uDivine Mini 2!
    1) Digital lifestyle: Take five and catch up with your friends on social media.
    Neck & Shoulders: Soothe tension and prevent pain build-up on your often strained neck &shoulders area, a result after spending long hours on the screens.
    2) Game away: Take the stress off your mind with an exhilarating games.
    Lumar: Don't let the game excitement get in your way of maintaining a good posture. The Lumbar program targets and loosens those tensed lower back muscles that are caused by prolonged sitting with poor postures.
    3) Drama: Enjoy your favourite drama series or movies in comfort.
    Butt & Thighs: Watching back-to-back serial drama can cause aches in the butt & thighs. This program is designed to alleviate hip, butt and thigh soreness caused by prolonged sitting.
    4) Relax and unwind: Give your mind a well-deserved break after a long day at work.
    Relax: It's finally the time of the day where you can sit back, relax and enjoy a soothing massage that promotes a better night's sleep.
    5) Mini concert: Boost your energy levels by indulging in your favourite music playlist.
    Energize: Pair your favourite playlist with an invigorating full body massage that is sure to perk you up!

    Live Freely -
    a massage tailored to your needs
    With other adjustable features, you get to personalize your own massage experience. Enjoy life the way you want it!

    Live better – massage anywhere at home
    A modern chair for the modern home, the uDivine Mini 2 seamlessly fits into all of your living spaces.

    The vibrant life awaits
    Featuring a sleek and curved silhouette, the uDivine Mini 2 is designed with user’s comfort and modern lifestyle in mind. Comes in two lively hues, this chair is a welcome addition to any home.

  • Dynamic Massage: Select from a series of airbag, kneading, tapping or dual massage techniques to better fulfil your differing massage needs.
    Shoulder position adjustment: With 3 different shoulder levels, you can enjoy a massage best customized to your body build.
    Adjustable rollers: Both roller width and position are adjustable to better target your specific pain points.
    In-built Bluetooth Speakers: Bring your massage experience up a notch by playing your favourite playlist using the in-built music speakers.
    Adjustable positions: The uDivine Mini 2 can be fully reclined to your preferred angle, allowing for better comfort and massage relaxation.
    Customized massage intensity: Feature 2 levels of intensity to better suit your calves massage preference.

    Max weight capacity: 100kg

    Comes with 1-year Local Manufacturer Warranty

  • Dimensions
    W133 D77 H84 Ø- cm


  • Materials
    Colour: Orange

    PU Upholstery

  • Care


    • Assembly not applicable

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