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OSIM uJolly 2 Smart Back Massager

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uJolly 2 Smart –
Enhanced Dual-Action V-Grip Technology
Slides smoothly along your body contours and delivers a more realistic, intense massage effect that reaches deeper into your muscles for a comforting and enhanced massage experience.

Precise & humanized V-Grip massage
1. Neck & Shoulders V-Grip
- Realistic hand grip massage to loosen stiff neck and muscle knots
- Adjustable rollers for deeper and enhanced ache relief
- Closely adheres neck & shoulder contours to target pain points
2. Lumbar Press
- Deep and relaxing massage to target lower back stiffness
- Alleviates back soreness from prolonged sitting
- Glides and presses along the lumbar to relieve back pain

App exclusive*
full-body massage programs
The Smart DIY Massage Chair App provides you with HarmonySync full body massage programs that massage your back and legs in harmony, one-touch Mix & Match programs for a full body massage, and music selections for the complete massage chair experience.
*Only use in conjunction with uSqueez 2 Smart

Professional massage programs
With a suite of professional massage programs built on uJolly 2 Smart and uSqueez 2 Smart, you can choose to massage your back and legs separately massage them together.

Sato Tsuyoshi
Japanese Massage Expert
My years of experience in massage treatments have helped me better understand the distinct needs of users’ lifestyles and habits. The massage programs are tailored to aid whole body circulation and provide an enjoyable massage experience while promoting better well-being.

uJolly 2 Smart Programs: The uJolly 2 Smart comes with a total of 4 auto massage programs for you to choose from. Enjoy the professional full back massage when you use it on its own, for quick pain relieft for your upper body.
- Neck & Shoulders
- Lumbar
- Relax
- Energize

Manual adjustments:
- Rolling & Tapping
- Press-Grip
- Roller position & width
- Shoulder position
- Warm Air

Up to 31° adjustment to better target your pain points
uJolly 2 Smart features 4 adjustable angles, so you can personalize it according to your height, sitting positions and massage intensities.

Assembly:Not applicable
Key Features

Acupressure points and meridian pathways on your back
There are plenty of acupressure points and meridian pathways on your neck and back. The uJolly 2 Smart can target these points and pathways to improve your overall health
- Pang Kuang 膀胱经: Strengthens the organs and improve overall bodily functions.
- Jian Jin 肩井: Relieves neck & shoulder pain and strengthen immune system.
- Fei Yu 肺俞: Regulates lungs' Qi, clear body heatiness and other respiratory symptoms.

Overall:W87 D21 H52 Ø- cm


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