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OSIM uMoby Mini Neck Massager

from OSIM


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The uMoby Mini is designed with an innovative Finger-Grip kneading massage mimics a professional masseuse’s gripping and kneading techniques to deliver a precise neck massage. Shaped like a hand, the metal ball emits a palm-like warmth for added comfort and to relax tensed muscles.

The uMoby Mini is also easily adjustable to fit snugly on your neck to better target your pain points.

3 targeted programs for everyday pain relief
1. Hard: For stiff neck
The quick massage motions with warmth instantly relieve neck aches by encouraging blood flow, thus gradually restoring your neck’s range of motion.
2. Soft: For headache
With slower massage motions, it soothes and decreases your headache intensity. Warmth amplifies the soothing effects, further alleviating you of headaches.
3. Med: For muscle fatigue
A combination of quick and slow massage motions to help you prevent any oncoming neck and shoulder aches.

Bye-bye neck pains: With increased reliance on mobile devices, we spend longer time looking down and keeping our neck muscles flexed. Thus, resulting in Text-Neck syndrome such as neck pain.

The OSIM uMoby Mini instantly soothes such muscle aches with its Finger-Grip kneading massage technology that offers a targeted neck massage.

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Key Features

Easy-to-use features
- Ergonomic straps: For a more powerful neck massage, simply add pressure by pulling down the straps.
- One touch button: Switch on and toggle between the 3 auto massage programs with just one button.
- Micro USB Charging: For enhanced portability, so you can enjoy a neck massage whenever and wherever you go.
- Travel Friendly: Enjoy a quick neck massage anytime, anywhere with the travel-friendly uMoby Mini.

Did you know? Text-Neck syndrome can cause:

- Stiff neck and aches

- Shoulder soreness

- Chronic headaches

- Weakened muscles

Text-Neck syndrome refers to the repeated stress injury and neck pain after looking down at mobile devices for a prolonged period. In a neutral position, the adult head puts about 5kg of pressure on your neck. At a 60-degree angle, it can exert up to 27kg of pressure.

Comes with 1-year Local Manufacturer Warranty

Overall:W19.3 D9.7 H12 cm
Materials & Care

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