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OSIM uPhoria Lite Leg Massager


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  • Pamper and rejuvenate
    Inspired by the health benefits of foot reflexology massage and the soothing comfort of a relaxing full-leg massage, the OSIM uPhoria Lite revitalizes your legs and improves your health and well-being.

    All-encompassing massage
    A perfect full coverage massage including your calves, ankles and feet, providing the extra-feel-good stimulation to alleviate muscle aches and strain for ultimate relaxation on both legs.
    1. Calf-Gliding with Tui-na massage
    The distinctive soothing pain of the Tui-na massage, delivered through firm and sustained strokes, stimulates key meridian points along your legs, which bring about good health and well-being.
    2. Wrap-around squeeze and knead massage
    Full coverage squeeze-and-knead function provides the extra feel-good stimulation to alleviate muscle aches and strain, providing instant relief to your tired feet.
    3. Roller reflexology massage
    Programed to complement the kneading massage, the rollers stimulate the balls and arches of your feet while activating the vital reflex points for better health and well-being.

    3 Lifestyle massage programs
    1. Relax
    A perfect combination of massage actions work on the whole leg to help relax tight muscles and relieve deep-seated aches after a long day.
    2. Balance
    This program provides full coverage massage for the whole feet, while promoting overall well-being.
    3. Energize
    A combination of deep and intensive massage actions helps relieve muscle aches and strain after exercise and physical activities, leaving your legs invigorated and charged up.

    Product Usage Suitability:

    This product is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment of conditions that should be managed by a qualified health care provider. If you are under any medication or fall into any of the following categories (but not limited to), please consult your health care provider first before purchase / use: a) Heart diseases, b) High, or low blood pressure, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), c) Pregnant, d)Diabetes, e)Individuals fitted with medical implants (e.g pacemaker, automatic cardiac defibrillator (AICD), f) Recently underwent surgical operations, g) Those with any bone conditions like fractures, osteoporosis.

  • User-friendly maintenance: The fabric covering the uPhoria Lite can be removed and washed easily for better hygiene. Simply unzip and detach the fabric when needed.

    Family-friendly safety function: Enjoy peace of mind with the uPhoria Lite safety function that stops immediately when pressed to release your legs.

    Convenient choice to unwind: Lightweight and portable, the uPhoria Lite is a convenient choice to unwind anytime, anywhere.

    Comes with 1-year Local Manufacturer Warranty

  • Dimensions
    W51 D49.5 H51 Ø- cm


  • Materials
    Colour: Red


  • Care


    • Assembly not applicable

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