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OSIM uPhoria Warm Leg Massager

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Healthy well-being starts from the legs
Our legs possess plenty of vital meridian points that correspond to different organs in our body, any leg problems can lead to other health issues.

The OSIM uPhoria Warm 5-in-1 massage is thoughtfully designed to target common leg concerns and prevent potential health issues.

Suitable for different lifestyles and leg concerns
Leg related problems caused by our modern lifestyle habits of prolonged sitting and standing.
- Office workers
Long hours of sitting
muscle pain & tension
Service staff
Standing for long hours
varicose veins
- Travelers
Long haul flight
cold feet
- Housewives
Caring for the household
sore feet

Inspired to bring Tui-Na massage into the comfort of your home
The uPhoria Warm combines its signature Tui-Na with specialized leg massage technology to provide a realistic, humanized massage for the busy individual and the family.

5-in-1 massage fine-tuned to your legs’ needs
1. Calf Tui-Na massage
Suitable for: accumulated muscle pain and tension
The massage is delivered through firm and sustained strokes to stimulate key meridian points and release built-up tension in the legs.
2. Wrap-around squeeze massage
Suitable for: sore and tight muscles
A full coverage squeeze-and-knead massage to energize your tired legs by alleviating muscle aches and strains.
3. Reflexology massage
Suitable for: overall well-being
Stimulate the balls and arches of your feet to activate the vital reflex points for better health.
4. Vibration massage
Suitable for: varicose vein pain and better health
Gentle massage to aid circulation and trigger the body’s natural detoxification processes whilst avoiding direct pressure on the varicose veins to prevent damaging fragile tissues.
5. Warmth therapy
Suitable for: cold feet
Increase massage comfort and enhance blood circulation.

My years of experience in massage treatment have helped me better understand the distinct needs of users’ lifestyle habits.

The massage programs are tailored specifically to relieve muscle aches, soothe tension, aid circulation and provide an enjoyable massage experience while promoting healthier legs.

Sato Tsuyoshi
Japanese Massage Expert

8 lifestyle massage program for all lifestyles
1. Relax
Relax tight leg muscles and relieve accumulated muscle tension after a long day.
2. Energize
Intense massage actions leaving your legs reinvigorated and ready to go.
3. High-Heels
Target the calves, ankles, balls, and arches of the feet, a perfect remedy for those high heels lover.
4. Toning
Quickly tone your leg muscles and improve circulation which will prevent toxins build-up.
5. Reflexology
Targeting your legs’ key meridian and vital reflex points to gain the same health benefits of a traditional reflexology.
6. Sleep
A gentle massage to soothe your legs and relax your mind for a better night’s sleep.
7. Sports Recovery
Loosen tense muscles and promote circulation to speed up muscle recovery after an intense sports game or exercise.
8. Senior
A tender massage for seniors or those looking for soothing relief and comfort.
Manual massage option
Personalize your massage and combine the “Glide and Knead” manual massage program with the “Vibration” and “Warmth Therapy”.

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Key Features

Improve your overall health
The uPhoria Warm targets all of the vital meridian points on the lower legs and feet to regulate the energy “qi” flow.

Foot Reflexology
1. Yǒng quán(涌泉): Improve lungs health
2. Shū niào guǎn(输尿管): Prevent urethritis (inflammation of urethra)
Spleen Meridian
3. Lòu gǔ(漏谷): Improve digestion
4. Sān yīn jiāo(三阴交): Prevent insomnia
5. Háng jiān(行间): Ease headache
Kidney Meridian
6. Fù liū(复溜): Relieve lumbar muscle strain
7. Shuǐ quán(水泉): Regulate menstrual cycles
8. Rán gǔ(然谷): Relieve pain in the feet
Gallbladder Meridian
9. Wài qiū (外丘): Relieve intense neck pain
10. Guāng míng(光明): Help with knee pain
Bladder Meridian
11. Fēi yáng(飞扬): Soothe lower back pain
12. Pū Shēn(仆参): Relieve heel pain
13. Jīn mén(金门): Alleviate lateral ankle pain
14. Shù gǔ(束骨): Relieve irritated eyes

Comes with 1-year Local Manufacturer Warranty

Overall:W65 D52.5 H51.5 Ø- cm


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