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SOLIS VertiVac Plus


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  • From Solis
  • This all-in-one, fully equipped and automated vacuum machine offers many advantages by professionally preserving food, such as keeping it fresh for up to 8 times longer without the use of preservatives, reducing food waste and saving money. Moreover, the SOLIS VertiVac Plus even allows you to prepare food like a pro in your own kitchen.

    Its Vacuum & Seal function fully automatically vacuum-packs and seals food. With the Manual Seal function, you can stop the automatic vacuuming process and start sealing instantly, giving full control over the vacuuming process. This function is also of great help when you simply want to make a bag from a roll and therefore need to seal one end of the bag.

    Another clever feature is its advanced Pulse Vacuum function to carefully vacuum-pack pressure-sensitive and delicate food. It allows for full manual control of the vacuuming process ensuring the food is not exposed to too much pressure. Select the double weld seam and mode for moist food to even vacuum-pack food that is likely to release moisture, such as raw meat.

    • Preserve food freshness and flavor, limit waste; Use it with any food: fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, chips, coffee (beans) and tea
    • Multifunctional: Sous-vide cooking, keeping food fresh, marinating, preserving food
    • Excellent results whether it is used for moist, dry and even the most sensitive food
    • Compatible with our Solis containers, Vacuum wine bottle stopper, Zipper bags and more (sold separately)
    • Two different operating modes for moist or dry food; LED-indicator of vacuuming and sealing processs
    • Instant Seal function for delicate or pressure-sensitive food
    • Pulse Vacuum function for manual, precise adjustment of vacuum level: ideal for pressure sensitive food
    • Pulse blow function to blow air into bags to protect pressure-sensitive items
    • Very strong suction performance up to -0.8 bar, suction capacity of approx. 13l/min.
    • Compact and easy to store: 2.5 kg, 39 x 13 x 19 cm (W x H x D)
    • Marinating function: save time and marinate fish or meat in just a few minutes thanks to the programmed vacuum, air-release and resting stages
    • With Memory function that memorizes your favorite settings
    • Hygienic design and easy-to-clean control panel
    • Choose for automatic or manual sealing; Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
    • Box contains a tube connector and 5 Solis vacuum bags (20 x 30 and 30 x 40 cm)
    • (Solis containers, bags and other accessories can be purchased separately).
    • Extra thick weld seam measuring 2.5 mm: choose between single or double seal for extra security
  • Dimensions
    W38.5 D12.5 H23 cm
  • Materials
    Colour: Silver
  • Care
    • Assembly not applicable
    • 2 years warranty

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