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Toki Edu Wall Clock



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Toki Edu Wall Clock is an educational clock that allows parents to teach their kids to read an analog clock, as it provides the visual cue for both the hour and minute hands. The clock is made from premium durable eco-friendly wood that is long lasting and has a silent clock movement. Inclusive of beginner and advanced hour and minute hands, parents are able to progressively teach their children to read and tell time properly with our Toki Edu Wall Clock.

Our Toki Edu Wall Clock is key in providing a more pleasant and fun experience for parents who are teaching their children about reading and telling time on an analog clock.

Brand:Toki Edu
Assembly:Not applicable
Key Features

Quartz Silent Movement
This clock is not a toy, children should not play with the clock hands as it will spoil the hands' movement on the clock.

Overall:W2.5 Ø28 cm
Materials & Care

Forescolor, LPM

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