10 Healthy Breakfast To Make Your Mornings

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Breakfast - the first and most important meal of the day. We came up with a list of things that you could easily prepare in the wee hours of the day. Have a good meal to start your day off on the right foot! 

Brown rice bowl 

Start your day with healthy grains first thing in the morning. This way you will be less likely to feel hungry and snack later in the day.

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Source: nutritionstripped.com

Yoghurt bowl

Pour your yoghurt into a bowl, put in fruits and other favourite toppings, and you have your very own fro yo for breakfast. You will never feel the need to get a yoghurt bowl from elsewhere and it's guaranteed to make your breakfast taste like dessert.

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Source: makemanifest.com

Whole-grain pancakes

Being healthy doesn’t mean no pancakes. Instead of maple syrup, use fresh raspberry puree and feel no guilt as you drizzle it all over your pancakes.

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The HipVan Blog

Source (L - R): pinchofyum.com, thesaucygourmets.com

Healthy Muffins 

A muffin fills your stomach and ensure you do not feel hungry for the entire morning (before lunch time that is). Be sure to take down the recipe for these muffins the night before.

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Source (L - R): detoxinista.com, popsugar.com

Granola bars 

Granola bars are perfect for individuals who do not have the time to make breakfast in the morning. These grab and go bars will make your mornings so much more convenient than before. 

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Source: simplebites.net

Breakfast wraps 

Wrap all your favourite ingredients into a burrito and you are good to go! Be sure to add in greens to make your breakfast wrap a healthier choice. This breakfast option takes so little time and yet it's going to taste so good. 

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Source: tumblr.com

Scramble eggs 

Spice up your scramble eggs with loads of veggies and add in mushrooms for that extra touch. You will never go wrong when you add eggs in your meals...

Source: bonappetit.com


Get a mug that you can bring along to work and fill it up with a cup of smoothie. Instead of turning up for work with a downcast face, bring a smile to your face with a sweet drink.

Source: driscolls.com

Walnut oatmeal

Stick to your kind of comfort food on days that you feel under the weather. This bowl of goodness will do just the thing to cheer you up and make your day a tad more bearable. 

Source: cleancheater.wordpress.com

Avocado egg sandwich 

This is the perfect combination of ingredients for your sandwich. We know you are tempted (as much as we are) to bite down that slice of goodness. 

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Source (L - R): onesweetmess.com, closetcooking.com


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