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  • Adaptive® premium cooling fabric
    No fret, no sweat

    Breathability is our priority here. Never sweat again with our premium cooling Adaptive® fabric that encases all our mattresses.

  • Thick, individually coiled springs in high density foam for spine support
    Ergonomic spine support

    Thick springs are individually coiled and encased in high density foam to provide the perfect support for your body. Wake up in your best form, rejuvenated.

  • Our mattresses achieve high standards for comfort at affordable prices
    Quality comfort

    We design and manufacture our own mattresses, so we can assure you that all HipVan mattresses meet our high standards for comfort, at affordable prices.

  • Our quality mattresses come with a solid 12-year guarantee
    Built to last

    Made with durability and resilience in mind, our mattresses would see you through the whole zodiac cycle with our 12-year guarantee.

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  • 12 Years Guarantee
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  • Boris Kunsevitsky
    Best bed - It's as good as hotel beds and those cost much more too!
    Side sleeper
    Norlinda Zainuddin
    It is one of the best mattress I have ever slept on. As a result, my sleep quality improves. Just love it!
    Side sleeper
  • Yohann
    It's great so far!
    Back sleeper
    Ching Kuan Thye
    Levitate is an understatement. I'm always on cloud nine, night in night out. Thanks HipVan for this revolutionary and value-for-money product :).
    Side sleeper
  • Angeline Tan
    I can't stop raving about it currently! :)
    Side sleeper
    A really high quality, comfortable, value-for-money mattress. The firmness is also just right. Recommended!
    Back sleeper

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Choosing the right mattress is not an easy task; it is possibly the most important piece of furniture for any home. It is where you start and end your day, so it is best you make it a good one - one that you will look forward to coming home to. We understand the importance and difficulty of this decision but fret not, we are here to help.

The best mattress for you is dependent on your unique tastes and preferences. To begin, it is essential to understand what these preferences are. Do you prefer one that offers maximum plush comfort or one that has optimal firmness? Being aware of this makes it easier to choose between the different options based on the features of each pocket spring mattress.


The LEVITATE mattress is our best seller and we definitely understand why. Made from a mix between memory foam and latex, it achieves a unique balance between the features of a memory foam mattress and a latex mattress. It provides cool plush comfort with the ideal intensity of bounce; simply imagine jumping onto a bed of clouds during a breezy day. This comfort is further bolstered with the sewn-in mattress topper that comes with every LEVITATE mattress. Being the plushest mattress within the range, LEVITATE still manages to provide optimal firmness and support . Perfect for those who seek a plush bed with enough back support.


: The DREAM mattress is another top pick which features a unique memory foam mattress topper. It provides an optimal balance between plush comfort and firm support, with slightly more emphasis on the plushness of the mattress. Its memory foam mattress topper makes the elevates the plushness of the mattress surface while the sturdy wire pocket spring coils contribute the needed support. The best choice for those who seek optimal plush comfort with increased support.


: The SLEEP mattress which also comes with a sewn-in mattress topper boasts a similar balance of plush comfort and firm support, with slightly more focus on the firmness of the mattress. This firmness provides ergonomic back support that will help inculcate your perfect sleeping posture. Wake up feeling rejuvenated from a good night of sleeping properly. Ideal for individuals who seek to sleep with good posture and support.


: The Downtime mattress boasts maximum firmness without being overly hard. The firm surface of the bed ensures minimal sinking when used. It is the ideal mattress for those who require a firm bed for maximum back support and an even surface to rest on.


: The Snooze mattress will cover all the essentials; featuring everything you would need in a basic mattress. Its high-density foam provides an equal balance of both comfort and support. It is ideal for those who are looking for a simple but quality mattress.

What's more? All of our mattresses are upholstered by our premium Adaptive® fabric which boasts ultra-cooling properties - with our cooling mattress gone are the days of sweltering nights.

Sold by HipVan, made by HipVan. Our premium mattresses are made of quality materials that rival the top contenders within the industry but sold at a fraction of the price. This is possible as we practice direct factory sourcing and mainly operate online, allowing us to eliminate the traditional makeup of retailers. Sleep soundly knowing you snagged a great deal.

Still unsure? Try now, decide later. With our 100 nights free trial program, feel free to test out our mattress before deciding if its the one for you! Choose wisely, our mattresses are bound to last - guaranteed for 12 years.

Looking for other bedroom furniture? Pair our comfortable mattress and quality bed frame to achieve the perfect bed.
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