Queen Size Mattress

An ideal queen size mattress should be as soft and cosy as the cloud, giving you a deeper sleep every day and night. A queen size mattress is the second biggest mattress size, that fits two adults and a few extra pillows. Queen size mattresses are a popular choice amongst homeowners with more space to work within their bedrooms. Find the best mattresses at HipVan, and have your longing for getting a deserving rest fulfilled with our range of queen mattresses. You can also shop for decorative cushions to add to your queen size bed and elevate the comfort levels.

  • LEVITATE Mattress (Queen)

    LEVITATE Mattress (Queen)

    W152 D190 H30 cm


  • DREAM Mattress (Queen)

    DREAM Mattress (Queen)

    W152 D190 H25 cm


  • SLEEP Mattress (Queen Size)

    SLEEP Mattress (Queen)

    W152 D190 H24 cm


  • Downtime Mattress (Queen)

    Downtime Mattress (Queen)

    W152 D190 H20.5 cm


  • Downtime Mattress (Queen)

    Snooze Mattress (Queen)

    W152 D190 H20 cm


Choose from Different Types of Comfort

A quality mattress doesn’t just make a good night’s sleep. It also relieves stress and body aches and can enhance your daytime productivit, contributing to your overall health. So, say goodbye to the sleepless nights you get from a smaller mattress and say hello to a bigger mattress that cannot only soothe your back but can also align your spine. HipVan provides five different types of mattresses, available in the queen size, in every level of comfort of your preferance. You don’t have to settle for less, as you can choose from our DREAM, SLEEP, Snooze, Downtime, or our bestseller, LEVITATE mattress.

We understand the benefits that a mattress can provide. As such, we also have a wide variety of pillows and bolsters that you can pair with your favourite mattress. From memory foam pillows to natural latex pillows, we got you covered.

Qualities of a Good Mattress

When looking for the perfect queen size mattress, there are plenty of things to consider. If you know that you toss and turn throughout the night, then movement-absorbing memory foam just might be the right type of mattress for you. Make sure you check the following qualities before buying your new queen size mattress:
• Spinal support
• Breathable foam
• Quality layers of comfort
• Durable materials
• Movement-absorbing surface

Covering all the bases of personalised requirements in choosing the right mattress is very important. The right mattress complements your sleeping position and can aid in sleeping issues such as apnea and allergies. At HipVan, we have considered all of these when designing and manufacturing our mattresses. Browse our online catalogue today and cart out with your favourite queen size mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions About Queen Size Mattresses

1. What Type of Mattress Provides Comfort?

Looking for the most comfortable and softest queen size mattress can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Although the most comfortable type of mattress is highly dependent on your personal preferences, the foam mattress is known to be one of the most comfortable types. Our LEVITATE mattresses, for example, are made with latex memory foam and pocket springs that give the right bounce. Your good night‘s sleep will surely be left uninterrupted.

2. What is the Size of a Queen Size Mattress?

HipVan’s queen size mattresses are 152cm x 190cm. Queen size mattresses have more space to be shared with another individual, allowing both more space while sleeping. It is a preferable mattress size for adults with pets or couples living in a flat with bigger rooms.
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