Bar Stools

A counter stool, bar stool, bar chair or any high stools are a great addition to a home to create a casual look. Wooden dining stools are perfect for the minimalist theme.The best part about bar stools is that they can be easily stored away when not in use.

  • Cyrus Bar Chair - Image 1

    Cyrus Bar Chair...

    W56 D55 H81.5 cm


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  • Ava Low Back Bar Chair - Black Ash Veneer, Walnut - Image 1

    Ava Low Back Bar Chair - Black Ash Veneer, Walnut...

    W46 D36 H88 cm


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    • Mora Bar Chair - Walnut, Navy - Image 1

      Mora Bar Chair - Walnut, Navy...

      W41.5 D41.5 H83.5 cm


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      • Bartel Bar Chair - Gunmetal - Image 1

        Bartel Bar Chair - Gunmetal...

        W42 D42 H89 cm


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      • Chloe Bar Chair - Sunshine Yellow (Fabric) - Image 1

        Chloe Bar Chair - Sunshine Yellow (Fabric)...

        W48.5 D50 H107 cm


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        • Oslo Low Bar Chair - White - Image 1

          Oslo Low Bar Chair - White...

          W46.5 D53 H105 cm


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          • Lyon Bar Chair - Black, White - Image 1

            Lyon Bar Chair - Black, White...

            W47 D52 H111 cm


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            • Troy Bar Stool - White - Image 1

              Troy Bar Stool - White...

              W54 D51 H84 cm


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              • Mowa Bar Chair - Black - Image 1

                Mowa Bar Chair - Black...

                W44 D46 H87 cm


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                • Bartel Bar Stool - White - Image 1

                  Bartel Bar Stool - White...

                  W43 D43 H76 cm


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                  • Mara Square Bar Stool - Natural - Image 1

                    Mara Square Bar Stool - Natural...

                    W38 D38 H70 cm


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                  • Zack Outdoor Bar Chair - Image 1

                    Zack Outdoor Bar Chair...

                    W46.5 D53 H103 cm


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                  Perks of Getting a Bar or Counter Stool

                  Maximise Space

                  Are your nieces, nephews and extended family popping by for a quick visit at your new home? Having some bar stools or high chairs around would definitely be useful in this situation where you need to sit extra guests. You can even bring the party from the coffee table to the bar counter easily with extra seating.


                  Bar stools are ideal for Singapore homeowners who regularly entertain guests. Not only are they perfect for high bar counters or islands that are typically connected to the kitchen, they are also great for providing additional seats in the living room or dining area whenever there are more people over.

                  Elevate Your Interior Style

                  Bar stools or high stools might not be the biggest pieces of furniture in your home, but they do play a part in elevating the visual quotient of your home when placed correctly. Choose from our wide assortment of designs and styles to find out that best suits the home design you are trying to achieve. From industrial style bar stools to wooden stools or white stools, we've got you covered. With the many styles of bar stools available at HipVan, you never have to worry about your handy little chair not fitting in at any part of your home.

                  Frequently Asked Questions About Bar Stools

                  1. How tall should bar stools be?

                  This is an easy one - it depends on how high your bar counter is? Always make sure the stools are a comfortable height when compared to the table. The ideal bar stool should be about 28 to 30 inches tall.

                  2. What is the difference between a bar stool and counter stool?

                  Bar stools and counter stools mostly vary with their heights. A bar stool has to be higher since bar tops are taller than counter tops.

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