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Buying Kids Furniture Online in Singapore is Easier Than You Think

When choosing furniture for your child’s room, we know safety, creativity and fun are important considerations. A child’s room is where they can develop amazing childhood memories and feel safe. That’s why it’s important to put love and care into creating a haven for your child to express their creativity and enjoy their early years.

At the same time, you’ll want to help them develop tidying and organization skills (bonus points if this helps with maintaining a clutter-free house too)! To keep your job as a parent hassle free, stock up on our range of storage-optimised children’s furniture and make your home clutter-free forever (or at least a few minutes).

Our Range of Furniture For Children


We all know that kids love toys. Plush toys, plastic trucks, crayons and dolls are a great way to keep your child entertained and help them develop their social and fine motor skills. But when playtime is over, there is often a mess left over to clean up. Make clean up time easier with our range of kid’s toy storage cabinets and drawers, as well as bookshelves. When everything has a place to go, clean-up time becomes fun and easy so you won’t need to deal with any temper tantrums.

Our kids' bookshelves are a great storage solution for keeping all of those storybooks neatly organized in one place. Like our other kids' furniture, HipVan offers a variety of finishes including wood and veneer so you can design a room that is practical yet stylish. Make the most of your children’s bookshelf storage by adding pull out baskets and boxes for their favourite items, or a bean bag to create a cosy reading corner for them to curl up with a good book. A chest of drawers will also keep your child’s clothes and toys out of sight so you can relax with the satisfaction of a clean home.


If you’re stuck for children’s room ideas, a small study is a great addition to their space. Our children’s study tables and desks give them a space to do homework or creative activities while providing storage options to organise all their papers and pencils. Pair the desk with our range of children’s chairs which are ergonomically designed to keep your child comfortable while they work. If you’re after a more leisurely option, our range of beanbags for kids will make them the envy of their friends and offer a comfortable place to sit and read or watch TV.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Children’s Furniture Range in Singapore

Do you provide furniture for babies?

We provide a range of baby dressers, baby change tables and more for your infant. Our range is delivered all over Singapore, seven days a week for your convenience. Check out our discount range to see if you can catch a bargain when picking out children’s furniture and baby’s furniture!

What is the best way to style my child’s bedroom furniture?

We have a team of interior stylists who can help you with all your children’s room decor needs. Get in touch via email or talk to one of our friendly staff at our HipVan Experience Store and we can help you build a functional and stylish room any kid would love.

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